IPTV Premium Service Provider Subscriptions


IPTV Premium Service Provider Subscriptions

IPTV stands for (Internet Protocol Television) IPTV is a cost-effective new technology that can replace traditional satellite and cable TV services fo

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IPTV stands for (Internet Protocol Television) IPTV is a cost-effective new technology that can replace traditional satellite and cable TV services for many families around the world. IPTV can help you save hundreds each year while watching thousands of movies, web series, or shows.

Below is a selection of Top IPTV Sites with links to their popular features. The list includes both free and paid software.

Best IPTV Premium Service Providers

Xtreme HD IPTV – Best for watching multiple programs on one screen

Xtreme HD IPTV, the international best service, has around 21,000+ channels and 60,000+ VODs. They have fast servers and antifreezing technology to ensure uninterrupted streaming.


  • More than 21,000 local and international TV channels are included in the package.
  • An extensive library of Video on Demands that is updated each week.
  • Anti-freezing technology, fast servers for uninterrupted streaming.
  • All plans include PPV content free of charge
  • It features hundreds of Sports channels, such as the NFL and MLB.
  • Excellent and friendly customer service is available to you 24 hours a days.
  • It supports IPTV Smarters (Smart GSE), TiviMate and LazyIPTV as well as Kodi and many others.

2) TyphoonLabs TV

TyphoonLabs TV, one of the top IPTV service providers, offers five simultaneous logins in one subscription.

Access the app to get a free trial or purchase plan and stream seamlessly without any contact.


  • All the latest VOD movies and shows, as well as all sorts of Sports and Game channels.
  • Simultaneous viewing of up to 5 devices
  • Support is available to customers 24/6. It is helpful and friendly.
  • This service supports EPG and MAG as well as Enigma.
  • IP Location Locked
  • VPN Friendly
  • Payment Options: Major credit cards and debit cards
  • Supported devices: Amazon Fire TV Sticks. Android TV Box. Android Mobile and Tablet. N-vidia Shield TV. Google TV. Formuler Z.

3) Falcon TV

Falcon TV, an IPTV service of the future, offers 4500+ Live TV, 3000+ Video on Demand and 30,000 Movies. All data is kept current daily.


  • Best reliable IPTV services for News, Locals & Sports with an EPG.
  • Worldwide service: USA. CANADA. UK. Caribbean Islands. South America. Africa. South Indian. French. Arabs. More… Channel list
  • Professional and friendly customer service available 24/7
  • IP Location Locked:
  • VPN Friendly
  • Payment Options: Visa MasterCard, Amex and Discover
  • Supported devices: Amazon Fire TV Sticks; Android TV, Google TV Box; Android Mobile and Tablet; Nvidia Shield TV.


SSIP TV.Co is the best IPTV service provider. You can access live TV channels in HD and FHD for all devices at reasonable prices. They have the most advanced technology available to provide high-quality video entertainment.


  • Large selection of subscription plans that suit every budget. Monthly subscriptions are affordable and much cheaper than the majority of other providers.
  • It is possible to get customer service 24 hours a days.
  • You get high-quality video entertainment for a reasonable price. This means you don’t have to worry too much about your favorite shows.
  • The most advanced technology available to stream video at the highest quality.
  • Reliable connection via a state-of-the-art server
  • You can use these supported devices: Smart TVs and Fire sticks, Mag Boxes, Enigma, Android TV and TV Box, Android Mobile and Tablets, iPads, Formuler and Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • IP Location Locked
  • VPN Friendly
  • Payment Options: Major debit and credit cards, BTC

5) Ice Flash OTT

Ice Flash OTT is a top provider of IPTV services. They have over 18,000 channels and 65000+ video on demand. This includes TV series and movies. Ice Flash OTT features US, UK, and other PPV channels with F1, Horse Racing (Moto GP), NBA, NFL, UFC and international events up to 4k and 8k quality streaming.


  • Streaming quality up to 8k
  • Different categories for sports and events
  • It works with or without VPN
  • Multiple connections
  • Not IP Bound
  • EPG available
  • 2-7 Days Promised Refund
  • 24/7 Customer Services

6) IPTV builders

16k+ live channels, 60k+ films, and 10k+ series available with HD, FHD and UHD. They have been updated and offer buffer-less streaming. One username can provide three to four connections.


  • All Device Compatibility
  • Works around the world
  • Affordable price
  • There are up to 4 connections available
  • Server updated with the most recent movies, series and sports events
  • Easy refund

7) Best buy IPTV. Provides around 20 packages of VOD.

Bestbuy IPTV is an IPTV service that offers installation services for streaming devices. You can easily add or delete your favorite channels.


  • Over 7,300 channels live
  • VOD Options for Movies and TV Series
  • Major sports packages and PPV
  • Major News and International Channels
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • Supports customers via email and live chat

8) IPTV Trends- Best for Quality viewing without buffering

IPTV Trends is an internet subscription-based service that offers live TV channels that can also be streamed online. The streaming platform provides quality channels that can be streamed online without buffering. You can enjoy over 19000+ live TV channels as well as around 47000- 60000 VODs.


  • View your favorite shows and channels from any location, on any device.
  • A free installation guide for all phases of the project is available.
  • Sharing processes and data provide a basis for sharing information
  • Offers Premium Channels from the U.K. and USA.

9) Necro-Best for Flexible Pricing Plans according to Your Interest

Necro is an IPTV provider with the best features that allow you to view your favorite TV shows and movies across multiple devices. For additional features, it offers premium plans and packages.


  • Necro is a top IPTV provider with a huge selection of English TV channels.
  • It is the best IPTV subscription that offers support via tickets or community forums.
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Compatible with many IPTV players
  • This IPTV Android Player Offers Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • The standard plan includes 2 connections

10) Comstar-Best Android APP

Comstar is one the top IPTV service providers in most countries. You can search for all your favorite movies and channels with ease using Constar’s IPTV subscription.


  • This IPTV provides great quality and stability.
  • Comstar covers EPG and most channels.
  • You can find all the premium movie channels you want, such as STARZ and Cinemax, HBO and many more.
  • EPG TV Guide can help you locate the TV channel you’re looking for.
  • It can be used to manage EPG and most channels.

11) DirecTV – Best for multiple devices.

DirecTV is an IPTV streaming provider that offers Live Television and On-Demand titles. It allows you to stream or watch your favorite TV shows on compatible devices.


  • It supports up to three devices simultaneously.
  • Give parents the option to control their children.
  • Switch between live T.V. With one click, you can toggle between T.V. and apps.
  • Three months of premium channels free

12) Philo-Best for Customer Service and Steaming Quality

Philo is an IPTV provider with over 60 channels. It allows you to record unlimited number of future or live shows in your DVR. It allows you to stream up to three devices simultaneously.


  • At the time of signing up, no credit card is required
  • You can bring the multiplex home with ns movie selections.
  • This allows you to create as many as 10 profiles per account.

13) IPTV Gang

IPTV Gang is an online streaming service that provides over 30,000 premium and free channels. You can view all channels around the world in HD, Full HD and 4K. And you can watch your favorite channels, movies, and tv shows from any location, on Any Device.


  • The most recent Movies and Web Series updates are posted frequently.
  • Premium worldwide sports channels without paying per view
  • It has many channels that are dedicated to kids and offers the most recent movies.
  • Movies and Web Series can be viewed frequently.

14) RocketStreams – Best for Multi-Platform Device/App Support

Rocket Streams is an IPTV service for Bitcoin that offers ultra-fast HD IPTV streaming. It provides a large selection of IPTV movies as well as T.V. Instantly.


  • Get unlimited HD LIVE access to all sports channels from around the world.
  • You can access unlimited channels worldwide and thousands of videos on demand.
  • Rocket Streams gives you ultra-fast IPTV streaming.

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