Is your recruitment technology ATS the right one for you?

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Is your recruitment technology ATS the right one for you?

Recruitment marketing and job descriptions, diversity surveys, of course, but also personalized communication. ATSs today have a slew of features that

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Recruitment marketing and job descriptions, diversity surveys, of course, but also personalized communication. ATSs today have a slew of features that streamline and simplify recruitment for talent acquisition teams. Even so, with so many ATS systems available, it can be difficult to choose the right system for your hiring needs. You can simplify the recruiting process with an Applicant Tracking System. I hear you asking, what exactly is that? With this software, you can handle the whole job recruitment process from beginning to end – it’s pretty cool! 

Make sure your hiring team is efficient and effective

With recruitment analytics, you are able to see every step of the hiring process, from the moment an applicant contacts your company to when they start working. When you’re hiring for the next job, you’ll be able to measure how long the search takes and your team’s efficiency.

Nevertheless, analytics go beyond that. You can track how new hires feel about their jobs and the organization as a whole, which can provide insight into whether the hiring team chose the right candidate. You will also be able to identify obstacles immediately, so you will not be surprised by negative feedback or employees looking to change jobs.

An applicant tracking system can be used to improve collaboration within your hiring team so that no one person has to contact and update each and every applicant as interviews occur. The information can be accessed and edited by multiple people, offering new insights and perspectives on candidates and processes.

What is the difference between RMS and an ATS?

An applicant tracking system or recruitment marketing system cannot replace each other. A recruitment marketing system, however, can complement an applicant tracking system, which allows recruiters to source a talent pool and attract applicants. Recruitment Management Systems are much more than just applicant tracking systems. The Recruitment Management System has evolved into a part and parcel of the Applicant Tracking System which enables efficient recruitment. The software assists an organization with creating, publishing, and managing job postings through its applicant tracking system.

In recruitment, technology plays an important role

The recruitment process is still labour-intensive. Recruiters for big companies will tell you how many hours they spent in back-to-back fifteen-minute interviews trying to gauge a candidate’s suitability. Despite this, there are a number of new technologies you should invest into speed up the process. 

First of all, you must consider an applicant tracking system (ATS). It will form the foundation of your recruiting process. An ATS is what a CRM is to sales representatives. By investing in a good ATS and getting demo ats, you’ll be able to streamline your hiring process and decrease the time needed to fill a role. The pool of candidates you create will also become a resource you can turn to in the future. 

There are many different types of applicant tracking systems, from the simplest to the most complex (with various approval levels and AI-enhanced searches). ATSs are also more secure than spreadsheets or emails.

You should think about your entire stack after you have invested in an ATS. Finding candidates then becomes a major challenge. Why not use your ATS to set up a powerful employee referral program? In addition, referrals are usually connected to company culture and reflect shared performance. So they should be able to be more productive more quickly as well since they have the same characteristics as employees already employed by the company. 

Choosing the right career page for your company

Your company’s careers page should be viewed as a shop window. You have many ways to market your job opportunities, but a careers page is the place to start.

If you don’t have IT resources to create an internal careers page, an ATS can connect your career page with your applicant tracking system to create a good-looking website. Automated job posting in an ATS lets you post jobs to job boards, social media, and other platforms without having to manually add them to your careers page.

Because it is increasingly true, “hiring is marketing.” has become popular. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be on prime time television. A digital platform could reach a large audience at a very affordable cost. It’s no surprise that small and mid-sized businesses are ideally suited to flourish in the social media age, which rewards authenticity as well as personal relationships and approachability.


Recruitment and HR departments have continuously evolved, improved, and streamlined the way they handle recruiting tasks. What makes one recruitment system better than another? That’s the main question that we need to ask. Then, how can you determine which recruiting system is best?

Human resources can undertake some of their key duties online and not have to use a person for their tasks. Before the popularity of applicant tracking systems, recruiting and tracking were carried out by team members. Who had no idea what they were doing? Using artificial intelligence can accelerate the hiring process. The use of applicant tracking solutions makes many jobs run smoothly these days. Human resource managers can improve recruitment by utilizing ATS applicant tracking software.