Know everything about eccentric plug valves


Know everything about eccentric plug valves

What is an eccentric plug valve? The eccentric plug valve is a rotary control valve with flow-restricting and plug-shaped members allowing an eccentr

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What is an eccentric plug valve?

The eccentric plug valve is a rotary control valve with flow-restricting and plug-shaped members allowing an eccentric path when it rotates. The plug usually does not get in contact with the seat until it’s turning in a few degrees of shutoff position. The eccentric plug valve is specially designed for gas, liquid, slurry control, vapour in general as well as for demanding applications. These valves have brilliant control performance & capacity for handling impure fluids too.


What are some common applications of eccentric plug valves?


The eccentric plug valve can efficiently control coking, erosive & some other complex to handle fluids offering either on or off or throttling operations. These valves have components of rugged metal trim – best for slurry applications. The eccentric plug valves perform well in petroleum refining, mining, pulp and paper industry and power.


Mention some features of eccentric plug valves:


> Flow path is pocket-less that can tolerate the slurries

> When it gets opened, the flow does not get obstructed

> It has around 70 per cent higher capacity than any other control valves

> The eccentric plug valves never get corroded through process-born particles.

> The plug of the valve never rubs the seat ring and that is why it has less friction and less wear.

> Thes eccentric plug valves have stable throttling and low dynamic torque

> The robust, rigid plug and seat offers increased stability even after long term usage.


What eccentric action takes place in eccentric plug valves?

First, the eccentric plug valve was used in the paper industry. It is efficient in handling fluids containing solid content just like the gate valves but these valves offer a vital advantage of quarter-turn valves like modulating service.


The best feature of an eccentric plug valve is – its seat is offset from the valve shaft and that is what provides an eccentric action. The mid-size eccentric valve can have half inches of the second offset and when the valve gets opened in the counterclockwise direction, the double offset lifts the plug off, as it rotates. This action of lifting prevents any kind of wear in the wastewater service.


The direct pressure is given on the valve’s end opposite to the seat & a reverse pressure is given on the end of the seat. The eccentric plug valve’s sealing function is aided by direct pressure as it thrusts the plug tightly. Due to the eccentric action, the closing rotation gets greater and the seal gets tighter. When the eccentric plug valve is worn out at the time of service, you can close it to store again, leak-tight sealing.


What to keep in mind at the time of installation?


Just because of the eccentric plug valve’s geometry and its use in wastewater services, you must follow special installation procedures. Remember to install the valve with a shaft horizontal because when the valve gets opened, the plug remains at the pipe’s top.


So you must have come to know that eccentric plug valves are used for a broad range of isolation and flow control applications that include – sewage, slurry, dirty water etc. The valves can also handle abrasive fluids.