Know How You Can Get the Best Linux Dedicated Server in India

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Know How You Can Get the Best Linux Dedicated Server in India

In this article, we will find out the best Linux dedicated server, along with the benefits of using a dedicated server. In addition, we will also disc

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In this article, we will find out the best Linux dedicated server, along with the benefits of using a dedicated server. In addition, we will also discuss the reliable provider from where you can get a Linux dedicated server with managed support.

While buying a dedicated server for Linux, you should be careful, as it is not a decision that should be taken in hurry. There are various factors that you should consider while opting for a dedicated server. But, first Let’s learn a little about the dedicated server.

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting where your website or application will have all the server to itself. It means that the client can use the entire server exclusively, but the immense performance and flexibility with a higher cost. Dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful servers.

Why Choose a Dedicated Server For Your Website or Enterprise?

If you expect your site or business to grow rapidly, consider getting a dedicated server. Let’s assume your site already has shared hosting, as long as you are getting a lot of traffic, your site will perform poorly and cause a delay in loading to lead to lost sales and higher bounce rates.

Since you have full control over the server, you are the only one responsible for the security of your site. There can be sensitive information including customer information, sensitive emails, or credit card numbers.
Since Clients have full control over the server, They can use the server according to your requirements. In addition, you have the option of adapting hardware specifications and selecting the operating system that you want to install.

Things to Know Before Getting Best Linux Dedicated Server

There are a few parameters that Clients should consider before getting hosting dedicated services. As NetForChoice provides Linux Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Provider in India along with Fulfills all the parameters are as follows:


Most users demand a certain level of support, uptime, performance, and security, as if their website is slow or down, then it harms the company’s sales. Sometimes a company has to pay a lot of money for these problems. When you buy a dedicated server, it means you are paying a reasonable amount for quality services.


There may be some issues that you may need urgently to resolve and in such cases, you shouldn’t settle for less than 24/7/365 support. Many hosting providers offer technical support, but you need to make sure that the hosting services you get are 24 * 7 * 365.


Many companies offer 100% availability and cannot. You need to be careful with these companies as they do not expect users to ask for refunds. Make sure the company has at least 99.995% availability.


Hosting providers use cheap or old hardware, it sounds like a great spec, but they run slower and are more likely to experience glitches that cause downtime. Low-priced deals don’t always include free hardware upgrades, backups, settings, and control panel options.


The software installation can easily be done with a few clicks if someone knows about it. But to configure the server with the underlying operating system and then configure all instincts that run safely on a server is very different. When a hosting provider offers to host, they make sure that the customer has a team of software engineers who can protect their websites from malicious attacks.

Why NetForChoice?

NetForChoice is a leading name for hosting services in India with 99.995% Uptime. It is a Tier 4 data center company with extensive experience in a variety of fields. NFC offers dedicated hosting on the Windows operating system and the Linux operating Operating system Let’s go through Dedicated Hosting on Linux Operating System.

Buy Linux Dedicated Server from NetForChoice. NFC offers the best Linux Dedicated Server web hosting for developers to manage their websites and applications in a very secure imbalance. It supports LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) for hosting All websites data, Email services, e-mail management, or cPanel components.

You can install and configure multiple CMS platforms quickly.

Provides maximum performance with bare-metal infrastructure.

Supports general planning and DBMS.

Provides redundant and reliable service with 99.995% availability.

SSD-operated server, RDP root access.

Work with databases created with Microsoft Access for SQL Server.

Support for FrontPage, InterDeva from Microsoft Web Development Tools.

24*7* 365 Expert Support by technical experts.

Microsoft Stack Application and Frameworks can be Run.

High Performance and Reliability.

Hosted in an enterprise Tier 4 data center with enhanced security.

Root Access.

Why is Linux Dedicated Server Hosting from Netforchoice?

Fully managed NFC hosting offers robust infrastructure and server solutions, including:
Regular updates
Disaster recovery
Automated backup
Server optimization
Server configuration

All these services are provided to ensure uninterrupted server operation.

Customization- You get exactly the dedicated server of your choice and fully supported configurations.
Reliable: 99.995% availability guarantee and tier 4 data center with a managed services expert.
Support- the user receives help with troubleshooting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Security: DDOS protection, extended firewall, Burglary protection, network monitoring.

How to Get NetForChoice Linux Dedicated Server?

1. Connect with NetForChoice Support Team by using contact No.0120-4578842, +91-8766177177.
2. Tell them your Linux dedicated server requirements.
3. Linux Dedicated Server will provide in minutes.
4. Enjoy working with NFC hosting services.

Bottom Line

On the Whole, we discussed the best Linux dedicated server with their using benefits.
We set out India’s most reliable hosting service provider along with their specifications. Still, you have any queries regarding hosting services, you can connect with the NFC support team by using contact no. 0120-4578842, +91-8766177177
Email us at:

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