Swaraj is an acclaimed tractor manufacturing company in India. The company manufactured numerous tractors. Here we provide you with detailed informati

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Swaraj is an acclaimed tractor manufacturing company in India. The company manufactured numerous tractors. Here we provide you with detailed information about its renowned FE series.


Below is the list of different models of its FE series with their significant features:


          Swaraj 735  FE Tractor


  • The tractor has an engine in the HP range 35-40 HP. The engine has three cylinders provided in it.
  • It lies in the power category range 26.09-29.82 KW.
  • Dry disc brakes with optional oil-immersed brakes are available to prevent slippage.
  • The engine of the tractor has a water-cooled cooling system.
  • It can be used for multiple purposes and therefore proves efficient to farmers.


           Swaraj 742 FE Tractor


  • The three-cylinder engine has 42 HP rating.
  • Oil-immersed brakes are available.
  • It has the highest cc engine in its category.
  • Power steering is provided in 742 model of Swaraj tractor.
  • Single/Dual clutch is there in the 742 FE model.


          Swaraj 744  FE Tractor


  • It is a 45-50 HP category tractor.
  • The power lies in the range of 33.55-37.28 KW.
  • The engine has three cylinders.
  • For the purpose of cooling the engine, water-cooled cooling system is provided.
  • An option is given in its brake system, dry disc type, as well as oil immersed brakes, are available.
  • The power steering type is present in the tractor.
  • The dual-clutch is available in Swaraj 744 FE model.


           Swaraj 744 FE 4WD


  • This version of Swaraj Tractors has bigger and wide front tyres of 9.5×20 size.
  • The tractor provides good ground clearance and also gives adequate traction.
  • The HP category is the same as the 744 FE model, i.e. 45-50 HP.
  • The cubic capacity of the engine is 3136cc.
  • Oil-immersed brakes are given in the tractor.
  • The rated rpm of its engine is 2000rpm.


          Swaraj 855 FE Tractor


  • Its engine has three cylinders with HP range of 50-55 HP.
  • Standard dry disc brakes are there with optional oil immersed brakes.
  • Engine’s cubic capacity is 3308 cc.
  • Eight forward and two reverse gears are available in its gearbox for the smooth functioning of the tractor.
  • Standard mechanical steering is given with optional power steering.
  • The Hydraulic lifting capacity is about 1700 kg.
  • The electricals of the tractor are 12V, 99Ah.


          Swaraj 855 FE 4WD Tractor


  • The engine has 50-55 HP rating and three cylinders same as 855 FE model.
  • Its gearbox type is a combination of constant mesh and sliding.
  • The 4WD model has most of its features similar to 755 FE model, but it is specially
  • designed for the fast movement in critical terrain. 
  • Moreover, it provides better traction and less slippage.


​         Swaraj 960 FE Tractor


  • The engine has HP rating of 55-60 HP with three cylinders.
  • Engine’s cubic capacity is 3480 cc.


​         Swaraj 963 FE Tractor


  • The tractor falls in the range 60-65 HP with three Cylinder engine.
  • The oil-immersed type disc braking system is present in 963 FE.
  • Dual-clutch with a 305 mm diameter is present in the tractor.
  • The gearbox has eight forward gears and two reverse gears.
  • Oil-immersed brakes are given to provide stability.
  • Independent power steering is present in the tractor.
  • 960 FE tractor’s hydraulic lifting capacity is about 2000 kg.
  • The engine rotates at 2100 rated rpm with the cubic capacity of 3478 cc.
  • Forward gears are twelve in number whereas the reverse is just two.
  • Hydraulic lift capacity is 2200 kg.
  • Power steering is present in the tractor.
  • The dimension of front tyres is 7.5×16 and that of rear ones is 16.9×28.
  • The wheelbase size of the 963 FE model is about 2210 mm.


          Swaraj 963 FE 4WD Tractor


          The 4WD model is almost similar to the simple 963 FE model of the FE series. With some more advancements, this product of Swaraj is more robust and reliable.

We have tried to provide you with every possible information about the FE series of Swaraj. For more details, contact TractorGyan.