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Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai

Mumbai's Mahalaxmi Temple, one of the city's most famous temples, is situated on Bhulabhai Desai Road. The Mahalaxmi Temple, which overlooks the Arabi

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Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Temple, one of the city’s most famous temples, is situated on Bhulabhai Desai Road. The Mahalaxmi Temple, which overlooks the Arabian Sea, is a haven of tranquillity amid the busy metropolis.

Mahalaxmi Temple

It was built to pay homage to various manifestations of Shakti, including Mahalakshmi, Saraswati, and Mahakali. Most visitors make it a point to visit both temples in this region because they are close to each other and Haji Ali. It is located in Mahalaxmi, also known as the temple.

The History of the Mahalaxmi Temple

This temple is the origin of the phrase “Mahalaxmi Racecourse,” which refers to a horse racing venue. In the year 1831, Dhakaji Dadaji, who was a part of the Patharve Prabhu sect at the time, built this beautiful temple. As a result, the site of this temple is significant in some aspects of history.

And if these rumours are true, then William Hornby, who served as the governor of Mumbai back when Bombay was just an island, wanted to make sure that the seven islands were connected so that the locals would be protected from floods brought on by high tides. This would have been the case if the rumour were true. As a result, he was not affected by it; nonetheless, as he began working to accomplish this goal, he became conscious of a recognisable fence on Worli Island that was drawing closer. In addition to this, grandfather was there at the time and saw a goddess in the water.

It was such an important and crucial finding that he made the decision to construct a temple around the idol of this goddess. Since the temple was constructed, many people have held the view that if you worship the goddess, you will be fortunate enough to be able to finish whatever job you are working on. The ideal time to visit this temple is during festivals.

Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Temple celebrates which festivals?

Every festival honouring the goddess, including those celebrating her various incarnations, is observed here.

Navratri: The Mahalakshmi temple in Mumbai hosts two Navratri celebrations. The Hindu holiday of Chaitra Navratri is observed in the months of March and April. Ashwin The Hindu festival of Navratri is observed in the months of September and October. From the Gabhara to the main gateway, the temple is exquisitely decked with vibrant lights, vibrant flowers, and fresh garlands.

Diwali: The Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai is filled with happiness during the festival of lights known as Diwali. This festival is held here for three to four days in the winter, in the months of October and November. At this season, Goddess Lakshmi is revered and there are just as many worshippers as during Navaratri.

Some other festival-

Annakut: This auspicious event is observed on the day of Kartik Purnima. The goddesses, known as “naivedya,” are honoured with 56 different types of desserts and food platters. Following Mahalakshmi worship, the devotees are given sweets and food items. This day, there is a large crowd at the Mahalakshmi temple as 500 pilgrims receive food, or prasad.

Margashirsh Month: December and January are revered as holy months, and worshippers, particularly women, congregate at the Mahalakshmi Temple to pray to the goddesses. People observe the adoration of the deities while sitting in front of the Sabha Mandap.

Palkhi of Mataji: Gudhi Padwa, or Marathi New Year, is a special day that falls during the Hindu month of Chaitra (March or April). The massive procession is colourful, and the goddesses are pulled by a palanquin. This procession is also held on the anniversary of the Dhwjasthambha’s erection, which graces the front of the shrine. The Dhwjasthambha has been dedicated to Kanchi Kamkoti’s Jayendra Saraswati Shankaracharya.

The temple committee makes particular efforts to accommodate the massive influx of worshippers during such holidays, especially Navratri; pandals are placed beside fences at the adjacent walkways from where the worshippers may view the three statues.

Other yearly celebrations include Durga Ashtami, Vaat Purnima, Purnima, Guru Purnima, Nag Panchami, and Gauri Poojan in addition to these major festivals.

How to reach the Mahalaxmi Temple?

The Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai is conveniently located in the centre of the Mumbai metropolitan area and is reachable from all areas of the city as well as from other cities throughout the nation. The Mahalakshmi temple is easily accessible by inexpensive buses and luxurious cabs.

By Air: The Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport, which is 14 km away from the Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai, is the closest airport to the temple. In addition to connecting domestic flights from Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, and other significant cities around the nation, this airport also serves international flights.

By Train: The Mahalakshmi railway station is the one closest to the shrine. The distance between the railway station and the temple is less than one kilometre. Some of the frequent trains to the Mahalakshmi temple depart from Virar and Churchgate (on the western line), Karjat or Kasara to CST (on the central line), and Panvel to CST (on the harbour line). Travellers from Kasara, Karjat, or the western line must board another train from Dadar to Mahalakshmi station.

By Road: The most practical transportation to the Mahalakshmi temple is Mumbai’s BEST bus and online taxi services. The temple is conveniently located if you are coming from Central Mumbai or areas of South Mumbai like Colaba, Nariman Point, Charni Road, or Grant Road..

You can always book a taxi service in Mumbai with Bharat Taxi. if you wish to go to the Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai. The temple is located in Mumbai.

What are some famous temples in Mumbai?

Near the Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai, there are several shrines:

  • Shree Siddhivinayak Temple: Shree Siddhivinayak Temple is one of the oldest holy temples dedicated to Lord Ganesha. One of the most famous and sacred temples of Lord Ganesha is in Prabhadevi, which is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Siddhivinayak means “Vinayak who makes wishes come true.”
  • Dhakleshwar Temple: Another one of Mumbai’s oldest temples is Dhakleshwar Temple. It is also on Bhulabhai Desai Road. The temple is a sight to behold, with its crashing water body and shrine to Lord Shiva.
  • Kali Mata Mandir: This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and uniquely worships her in Hinduism. It is worth a visit because of this. This temple is near the Western Express Highway in Borivali East.
  • Param Rameshwaram Mahadev Mandir: The quiet setting of this temple makes it feel spiritual. One of the most important festivals at the temple is Maha Shivratri, which is all about Lord Shiva.

Also close to the Mahalakshmi Temple is the Haji Ali Dargah. It is on an island off the coast of Worli, which is said to make people’s dreams come true.

Other well-known temples that you must visit near Mumbai are:

  • Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple:  The Trimbakeshwar temple is in the Nashik district of Maharashtra and is easy to get to from Mumbai. It is one of the most well-known temples in the state after the Mahalakshmi Temple. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, a shrine to Lord Shiva. Panch Jyotirlingas is in Aurangabad and the area around it.

So, the Mahalakshmi Temple and its traditional surroundings offer a unique experience that differs from the glitz of Mumbai. People who worship the goddess of wealth can also go shopping at the Heera Panna and Atria malls, which are close by.


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