Materials of Quality Bed Sheets

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Materials of Quality Bed Sheets

You can give a new look to your bedroom by having a new bed sheet and other bedding items. But it can confuse you as the market is full of a wide vari

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You can give a new look to your bedroom by having a new bed sheet and other bedding items. But it can confuse you as the market is full of a wide variety of material. You can find it hard to find out which one is the best for you. You will find Pima, Tencel and cotton material bedding items. You should come to know about these fabrics and which one is the best for you. It is an easy task to pick your favorite color but the selection of material or fabric is a complicated matter.


It is the most reliable and popular fabric to make bed sheets and other bedding items. It is soft, easy to wash, breathable, durable and affordable material. The cotton is categorized in terms of its fibers such as long staple fibers and short. The weaving style is also very important when you talk about bedding items. The most common types of cotton are given below;

Egyptian cotton

The most expensive and luxurious variety is Egyptian cotton. Its fibers are long and of good quality. This fabric is used to prepare smooth and soft bed sheets. The bed sheets of Egyptian cotton are costly as compared to the other material or other types of pure cotton bedsheets online.

Pima cotton

It is also good cotton to produce quality fabric for bedding items. It is known for its natural shine and softness. The medium to long fibers of Pima cotton is ideal to create quality bedding items. This cotton is grown in fewer locations in the world.

Upland cotton

It is American cotton and is grown in most of the parts of the world. Its fibers are short than Egyptian or Pima cotton due to which its fabric is not very soft. Most of the bedding items are manufactured with it because they are available at reasonable prices as compared to the Egyptian or Pima cotton bed sheets.


Supima is the registered name of material which is woven from Pima cotton.

Micro Cotton

It is also a trademarked name of quality cotton material created in India. This material is durable and obtained from long fibers. It is used to create soft and absorbent fabric.

Cotton jersey

These knitted cotton fabric sheets are used to make cotton jersey fabric. This fabric is used in cotton T-shirts and these bed sheets are for those who want to have soft bedding.


It is a plain weave but closely woven fabric of cotton. Its thread count is 180 or higher with beautiful texture. The market has beautiful designs of best cotton percale sheets.

Combed cotton

This is a cotton fabric from which all the short fibers are removed in the manufacturing process. It remains a very smooth and soft material after this process.


The cotton fibers are fluffed up to make fabric for cold winter nights. This soft fabric provides heat to your body. The flannel has warm qualities due to which its bed sheets are used in the winter season. We know bed sheets are measured in thread count per inch but the flannel quality is judged by its weight i.e. ounce per square yard.