MBA In Healthcare Administration, Online Program


MBA In Healthcare Administration, Online Program

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare Administration is a two-year degree that requires mastery of business and management princip

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A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare Administration is a two-year degree that requires mastery of business and management principles, as well as supervision and leadership skills needed to be successful in healthcare management. Those interested in pursuing this degree are required to have at least five years of experience working with a graduate-level education or another postgraduate degree. An MBA Healthcare Management course will prepare the student to solve problems through research, interpretation, and analysis while incorporating clinical experience into decision-making.

Producing management students for the healthcare industry is the focus of an MBA in healthcare management. The student will be in charge of managing tasks in a hospital, a pharmaceutical firm, or another healthcare organization.

Online MBA healthcare administration program

Online MBA in Healthcare Administration is a great opportunity for executives who do not have the time to progress their careers and for professional managers looking to take their careers forward. Planning is a crucial stage of any business venture. However, there are only a few people with the expertise necessary to oversee and manage day-to-day operations within an organization.

If you are one of these crucial people, then an Online MBA in Healthcare Administration will make you more valuable within your company. This program will provide you with the knowledge necessary to manage projects, analyze data, negotiate contracts and contribute effectively to management teams at all levels.

We at the University of Mysore provide you with a personal advisor, LMS ( Learning Management System), a student portal, online study material in the form of E-books, and desktop support as well. In fact, you can decide the exam dates and give the exams when you are prepared for them.

There is also a unique and one-of-a-kind offer from our side: we have an Accelerated mode. In this mode, you will get the benefit of completing your degree in 16 months before the 2 years of the program’s actual timing

Benefits, Salary, and scope after MBA healthcare administration

The healthcare industry is the fastest-growing industry in the current situation even in the pandemic the other sectors and industries deal with a fatal blow but we all see a massive boom in this industry. The only industry in which the margin level is so high that consumers always get a 10-13% discount on the purchase.

After completing the MBA in Healthcare Administration aspiring candidates can go to hospitals, pharma companies, Drugs, and the medical sector.

Job security in the healthcare sector is on a good scale and if you have a PG degree or an MBA you can choose a different job role in the same sector. In this file,d they can go for hospital manager, Medical superintendent, Healthcare finance manager, and healthcare administrator. An MBA in healthcare management can go for both private and public sectors.

List of Top Companies who hire people in the healthcare sector.

  • Fortis
  • Medanta The Medicity
  • Apollo
  • Max Healthcare
  • Narayana Health
  • The Christian Medical College
  • Columbia Asia

Salary for the healthcare department after The MBA in healthcare administration is 6-12 LPA and that completely depends on the university, experience, and skill set you have to offer to the employer

The healthcare industry is in a state of flux with new challenges and opportunities on the horizon. It has never been more important to gain skills in management, organization, and leadership that are relevant to today’s market. This post will provide you with everything you need to know about the top nine skills required for success in this field. These include everything from leadership and team dynamics to patient-facing communications and effective decision-making.

You can think of a professional degree in Healthcare Administration as a lasting Master’s or Doctorate in this field of study. The prerequisite to admission will be an undergraduate degree and it is even possible that some students might have completed coursework pre-requisite to graduate program entrance.

Regardless, a healthcare administration degree student would need to complete designated courses safety and ethics, healthcare management, strategic planning, risk management, and mental health considerations among others as well as practicums before graduation.

Another benefit and credit hours in Healthcare administration 

In order for a Healthcare Administrator (HHA), for example, a Certified HHA Certification, an individual must complete its requirements including Graduating from an accredited school of Allied Health Sciences. Review the list of available institutions or programs with your state board.

18 Credit Hours in approved course credits Curriculum: The certificate program Provides 12 credits CCNP-AM Office Coordinator 3 Credits Patient Finances Accounting 2 Credits Patient Care Technology Management 2 Hours PRN hours on-site experience Applicants must hold PCC-AC certification

As the healthcare industry is constantly evolving, so should a healthcare administrator. Taking an MSc in Healthcare Management from an accredited name can give you an edge in this field.

MBA in General Management certification provides relevant training for today’s demands for healthcare managers and leaders.

Administrators are qualified to draft policies, formulate strategies, and oversee administrative affairs at hospitals and medical groups.

Throughout the years, studies show that an M.B.A spells content as a competitive educational advantage to qualify for managerial positions in healthcare markets.

Graduates with MBAs are believed to be knowledgeable professionals in the field of healthcare administration which has gradually and significantly overtaken other typical healthcare sectors been becoming demanding and lucrative in recent years.

Deciding on whether or not to stretch yourself financially and attend business school depends on your assets, debt obligations, and many other circumstances you need to take into account.

Nevertheless, earning an MBA will present you with a lot of choices in life associated with your profession and future earning possibilities for example increased earnings relative to new leadership possibilities being promoted!

Jobs in Healthcare administration 

Their many jobs you can choose after the MBA in healthcare management and that’s the most concerning question everyone has what kind of job they will get after that?

You can go for these jobs in the future in the healthcare sector.

  • Health administrator
  • Assistant health manager/administrator
  • Clinical research manager
  • Social media directors
  • Nursing home administrators
  • Clinical manager

Semester and syllabus of healthcare administration.

Every post-graduate MBA program has 2 years duration in which they taught you leadership, and management and gives you the core knowledge of the particular specialization you have chosen. 

In this two-year program, you have 4 semesters and every single semester will take 6 months to be finished.

The following subject you will study in your every semester

Semester I

Fundamentals of Healthcare Administration Principles of Management
Healthcare Legislation Conflict Management
Conflict Management Bio-Statistics and Operations Research
Quality Assurance Hospital Operation

Semester 2

Cost Accounting Hospital Enterprises Management
Strategic Management in Healthcare Management of Disease Control
Healthcare Policies & Regulations Healthcare Accounting

Semester 3

Operations Management Quality Management and Insurance
Healthcare Planning Customer-Centric Organization
Branding in Healthcare HR in Hospitals
Epidemiology Concepts Healthcare Analytics

Semester 4

International Marketing Research International Advertising and Brand Management
Cross-Cultural Consumer and Industrial Buyer Behavior International Human Resource Management
Global Strategic Management Foreign Language for Business – 2


Being a popular specialization with wide career scope and opportunities. Healthcare management is an intimate part of an industry and it has changed over a period of time. Now students with an Online MBA in healthcare management need to be more creative and unique with their ideas. During their learning process, students build new skill sets and improve their confidence which will help them in the industry. The knowledge which students have received will always guide and help them in securing a great future.