As winter approaches it's time to get our skincare armor on such as lip balms, moisturisers oil for hydrating and such. However, some of the most cost

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As winter approaches it’s time to get our skincare armor on such as lip balms, moisturisers oil for hydrating and such. However, some of the most costly skincare errors during the cold winter months are the ones that we make the most in the dark.

Find out the skincare causes and the number you’re making…

Over exfoliating

Winter falls around the same time as wedding season. Wedding season means lots of makeup and, consequently, a lot of many harsh exfoliators and cleansers to wash the makeup out of your pores. However, even if you’ll need to cleanse your skin thoroughly however, you should not treat your skin in the same way as you do in any other time of the year. The winter months leave your skin in a highly fragile state, which makes it dry and flaky. To make things more complicated by not moisturizing your skin by using a lot of moisturiser and drinking plenty of water your skin will begin appear sagging.

The SPF for the summer.

Many ladies (including us) offer sunscreen even if it’s not summer, most likely one of the biggest mistakes made by dermatologists. Unfortunately the sun’s rays do not depend on the seasons to cause damage to skin. Whatever the month, whether it’s Jan or July, it is essential to apply broad spectrum sunscreens in your routine of beauty. Another thing to be mindful of is making sure that the balm for your lips that you’re using is SPF-certified to make sure that your lips are protected from sun.

A sunscreen’s function is not only to protect against hyperpigmentation, tan, and premature aging. It also helps to protect against something as grave as skin cancer. In order to reduce the chance of being a victim it, make sure you apply sunscreen each day regardless of whether it’s snowing, raining, or shining. Simply put the season and weather shouldn’t be the decisive factor in determining whether you should put on sunscreen, or not.

This product can be important if your routine includes exfoliating ingredients. Because they remove dead skin cells, the skin is more prone and vulnerable to sun-induced damage. Applying SPF that is at minimum 30 is a necessity. If you’re searching for something new, look for one with the words ‘broad band protection.’

Hot showers are a must.

Although hot water may be among the most effective ways to cope with the temperature drop however, it’s not recommended. Because your skin is very sensitive in winter, hot water can take away the moisture away and dry the skin further, making it peel and flake. Take a bath that’s warm for no more than 5 to 10 minutes, and then replace your regular body wash with a gentler version to help you stay warm during winter. While you’re at the bath, put onto some winter protect oil or moisturiser to hydrate your skin (the moisturizing effect of the bath will help your skin absorb Emollients).

The time is not being spent to double clean

It is likely that you have heard of double cleansing, however you can still opt out of it because it takes some extra effort. Insufficiently cleansing your face is not just a cause of breakouts but also speed up the process of aging. This is due to the impurities and dirt that accumulate on your face during the day contain free radicals, which could cause disruption to your natural elastin and lead to wrinkles and wrinkles. Your typical one-step cleanser isn’t able to properly clean your face.

Double cleansing is when the oil-based cleanser not only removes makeup , but it also eliminates all oils-based impurities and sunscreens as well as silicones as well. The water-based cleanser used in the second step is able to wash off the sebum and sweat off your face. This method isn’t only an exclusive Korean thing. In fact there are dermatologists who recommend it as well.

Popping or picking up your zits

If you take out or press your zit out there is a chance that the bacteria within the follicles can be spread to other follicles. That is, of the affected pores, the healthy pores around will also be affected, which will result in more zits. Additionally, it causes more irritation and damage to the zits and lead to the formation of a number of marks and scars. The natural healing process may delay due to this method.

The wrong products are applied in the wrong order

The best way to go about using your products for skincare is to begin with those with the least consistency before moving on to more creamy, thicker ones. For instance, you wouldn’t need use your eye cream to moisturizer since it will be unable to penetrate your moisturiser as the heavier consistency products stop lighter products. In the end, the effectiveness of this powerful product will decrease and you’ll not get the desired result that you’re hoping for.

Make sure you’ve got your skincare routine in order before you go to sleep

A proper nighttime skincare routine is crucial since that is the time that the skin is reset and repaired. However, it is advised to finish this routine an hour prior to going to bed in order to allow the skin time to absorb and treat your skin, and not be exhausted on your pillowcase.


Your skin is dry to treat acne.

In fact, every skin type suffers. However, many people believe the belief that drying one’s skin was the most effective method of getting rid of acne, which is why they apply harsh chemicals on their skin. In real life, this could make the skin more sensitive and sensitive. Therefore, it’s important to select a product that isn’t just a target for problem of the skin but also hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

AVERAGELY Using Too Many Skincare Products in a regular

It’s possible to think that there are more processes, more items, the better outcomes, right? There’s a time when you’ve reached the limit and you’re doing more harm.

Skincare products that contain ingredients such as AHA or BHA Retinol, AHA vitamin c, benzoyl-peroxide or any other acids, all have unpleasant properties of their own , therefore using them in combination could be an error.

The combination of these ingredients can result in products too harsh for your skin, leading to irritation, redness and dry skin.

When you introduce a treatment product or exfoliating one allow several days between each use or restrict to 1-2 applications per day. Reduce it in the event that you notice flaking and redness!


Skincare doesn’t start to end on our face The rest of our body requires our care too.

As we age, our collagen production and the production of elastin decreases more…and more…and and. When you apply a body cream each day, you’ll be ahead the curve.

We devote many hours and money to take good care of our skin and yet we do not take care of the other parts of our body.

Pick lotions that have ingredients that firm the skin, such as caffeine, CoQ-10, and Vitamin C to boost the circulation of blood and increase collagen.

If you’re in a hurry make sure you apply a moist body lotion before leaving the shower.

Select body washes free of sulfates, as well as other ingredients that strip your skin. Although they may appear initially it’s not going to leave your skin with a plethora of moisture.

Keep hydrated and fit in your workout routine into your routine too. Being healthy in the interior will make it look great on the outside.

Ignoring your neck

My grandmother was aware of the things she spoke about when it came to two issues such as how to cook the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving turkey…and skincare.

It’s a shame that this isn’t something I took into consideration until the end of my 20’s, when deep set lines began to show their heads.

It’s not so bad as it should be, but I’m sure that if I’d taken good care of my neck earlier, it would be a much better situation.

We tend to forget to care for our necks and décolletage (the chest) and the hands’ backs.

These sensitive exposed skin areas require the same tender affection and care we provide to our faces, and often, they may be more sensitive than the face. The neglect of these areas can cause the same signs of premature ageing that we see on our faces.

After cleansing and moisturizing your neck, massage the products gently and in an upward direction. Do not pull the skin downwards. Make sure to keep drying, tightening masks away from the areas beneath the cheeks (I do not care about what YouTube claims).

Apply a moisturizing face mask starting from your collarbone all the way to your jawline and jowl (don’t forget to include your side!). Repeat this every two weeks. After applying your moisturizer on your face, gently rub it back to you the next time.