If you are a follower of us on Instagram (if not, then why?) you'll know that we've got a brand new brand joining us... The Makeup Revolution! To cele

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If you are a follower of us on Instagram (if not, then why?) you’ll know that we’ve got a brand new brand joining us… The Makeup Revolution! To celebrate the launch on our site, we’ve got some fantastic promotional offers across the assortment including discounts and gifts with purchases. However, if you’re not sure which items to put in your cart, we’ve got a bit of advice.

This is a little cheating as we’re including two concealers we carry and they’re each amazing for different purposes. The first is the Concealer & Define that is an absolute must-have for those who love products that have a great coverage but is easily blendable. The flexibility and wide shade selection makes this the perfect choice for contouring and highlighting.

If you have trouble with the under-eye area getting smudges and caking whenever applying concealer, then eye bright illuminating Concealer for Under Eyes is the perfect product for you. The light formula gives a medium or light coverage that doesn’t get in creases , or cause the under-eye cake that everyone hates. Also, they can be used for contouring too and are particularly suitable when you’re a lover of subtle, low-key makeup that sparkles.

Quick Basic Blush Stick
Another essential component for a glowing base is these cute blush sticks that are a punch. Blush is a trend at these days with a lot of users using various blush types to create a fresh, new method of shaping you face with no contouring. The most effective way to get the new look is to use a blendable cream blush that’s easy to apply, like these Speed Base Sticks. The shades are vibrant and bright However, don’t think this will deter you from using them because they’re not completely transparent when applied. However, one swath goes far

Ultimate Nudes 9 Colour Palettes
The miniature palettes are great to travel because they’re small they can easily be mixed to create a variety of looks from casual daytime, to a more sophisticated evening style. The creamy soft shadows blend easily, and they can also be utilized as a subtle highlighter or as a stand-alone one that can provide great results when applied with a moist shadow brush or fingers.

Extra Hold Brows Glue
Do you love the appearance of a eyebrows that are laminated or feathered however your brow gels could never replicate the appearance? Do you need this eyebrow glue. Your brows will not move all day long, not even those hairs with the ability to think on their own. A suggestion… Purchase two tubes of the other and apply one of them as an opportunity to flatten the flyaways that you want to achieve an elegant look or smooth your edges.

5D Lash Pow Mascara
The name is enough to describe it! First , this cap for the mascara cap features an open mechanism, rather than a twist cap which prevents the mascara in the form of a slicker, not drying. The brush and the formula are made to work in tandem to give you length, volume and the POW appearance. It is confirmed that it will give your lashes an extra boost and it’s only one coat. Make sure to add this to your list of things you want.