Naukasana Method, Benefits and Precautions


Naukasana Method, Benefits and Precautions

Naukasana – Today we will try to tell you about Naukasana Yoga. There are many benefits of doing Naukasana.  Naukasana is an asana performed while

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Naukasana –

Today we will try to tell you about Naukasana Yoga. There are many benefits of doing Naukasana. 

Naukasana is an asana performed while lying on the back. Naukasana is made up of two words. Boat + Asana = Naukasana. This asana is called Naukasana because to do this asana, we have to make our bodies in the shape of a boat. By practicing this asana, our belly fat is reduced very fast.

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What is Naukasana?

Today, due to the excessive workload, stress is increasing in people, only because of stress, people are also suffering from many serious diseases, stress can be removed by the practice of Naukasana. That’s why many pathologists recommend doing Naukasana.

It is a practice to relax the muscles and joints of the body or people suffering from nervousness and side get instant relief from practicing this asana. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of practicing Naukasana. By doing Naukasana, there is also a lot of benefit in sexual problems.

Today many people are troubled by obesity and stomach-related problems. The main reason behind this is. Wrong lifestyle, improper eating, and routine staying up late at night, getting up late, not doing regular exercise and yoga asanas.

Untimely food, an unbalanced diet, and the consumption of earlier substances are the main reasons for stomach-related problems. Whatever food we eat is not converted into energy but gets converted into fat.

Due to this many incurable diseases including obesity, constipation, stress arise. Yoga is a good means to prevent these diseases. By practicing this asana, all the problems related to the stomach are removed and fat is reduced.

It is known by the name Naukasana that in the posture the shape of the body is made like a boat. By practicing Naukasana, all parts of the body get firmness and balance easily.

Method of Naukasana –

By the way, it is very easy to do Naukasana. But if you are doing this asana for the first time, then you should do this asana only under the supervision of a yoga expert. For your convenience, we are telling you about 2 easy methods to do this asana.

The first method of doing Naukasana –

  • Spread the blanket or yoga mat well on the ground.
  • After that, you lie down on your back on that mat.
  • Do not close your eyes during the practice of Naukasana. All eyes should be open during the exercise.
  • Keeping the palms facing down, keep both the hands straight on either side. Take a deep breath. Holding the breath, lift the legs, arms, shoulders, head, and torso off the ground.
  • Do not raise the shoulders and feet more than 15 cm above the ground.
  • After that balance the body on the buttocks and keep the spine straight.
  • Pull and taunt the whole body. Feel that tension is arising in each and every muscle of the body.
  • Stay in this state for as long as you can while holding your breath. But don’t force it at all. While in the final state, hold your breath mentally and count to 5 or 10.
  • Exhale and slowly come back to the ground. Be so careful that while coming back to the ground, he does not hurt the back of the head.
  • Let the whole body lie loosely on the ground. It took one cycle, counting from 1 to 30 at a slow pace.
  • You can practice three such cycles in 1 day.
  • After each chakra lies down in the breath and rest. While inhaling, expand the stomach, so that the muscles on that side become relaxed.

Second method:

Repeat the process mentioned above, but in the raised position of the body, clenched the fists and try to stretch the body as much as possible.

Asana: Breath before raising the body. Hold the breath while raising, stretching, and lowering the body. Exhale in the starting position.

Reflexes: Pay attention to the breath, mental calculation, and in the final stages the whole body (especially the abdominal muscles).

Benefits of Naukasana –

The benefits of Naukasana are many. If you practice Naukasana regularly and properly, then it can prove to be very beneficial for you. There are many benefits of Naukasana. I will try to tell you about it below.

If a person is troubled by his obesity, then that person must practice Naukasana. By its practice, belly fat is reduced very fast, due to which our obesity is reduced.

That is why with this practice it becomes easy to do Yoga Nidra is a very successful way. If the posture is done immediately after awakening in the morning, then the body and mind get complete freshness. If a person is troubled by the problem related to hernia, then that person gets a lot of benefit from the practice of this asana.

This practice is very beneficial for those people who have stomach-related problems like constipation, gas, indigestion, acidity, lack of appetite diabetes, etc. This practice removes the energy blockages of the abdomen.

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Side Effects of Naukasana –

Some precautions should also be taken before doing Naukasana. So that we do not have any problem in doing this asana. Therefore, below we give you the precautions you should take before practicing it. Will try to tell.

  • If you are troubled by the problem related to back pain, then you should not practice this asana.
  • Those who have any serious problems related to the spine, stomach, or back, then that person should avoid practicing Naukasana.
  • Women should consult an expert before practicing Naukasana.
  • People who have pain in the lower part of the waist or have a slipped disc problem, such a person should avoid practicing this asana.