New to Dabbing? Here’s What You Should Know


New to Dabbing? Here’s What You Should Know

Dabs are one of the most popular methods for consuming cannabis, but not everyone knows what they are or how to use them. This article is an excellent

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Dabs are one of the most popular methods for consuming cannabis, but not everyone knows what they are or how to use them. This article is an excellent introduction to what you need to know about the usage of dabbing before you take your first hit! Electric dab rig and portable dab rig make it easier than ever to enjoy dabs.

Understanding the meaning of dabbing

Dabbing is a form of concentrated cannabis consumption. It typically involves heating up a nail or banger with a propane torch and then applying it to your concentrate of choice. 

Dabs are the most potent way to consume marijuana.

Dabs are not for everyone, and they certainly aren’t a good choice for first-time cannabis users. However, the benefits of using dabs are undeniable. Dabs are purer than any other method of smoking marijuana. The dabbing process involves heating up your concentrate to a boiling point instead of burning it on a skillet or bong. Because dabs are so powerful and effective, you can use them in small doses. This feature makes them an excellent alternative for medical marijuana patients who need the therapeutic effects of cannabis but don’t want to smoke.

Types of dabbing devices

An electric dab rig is the most common type of rig used for dabbing, but there are other types. These other types include recycler rigs, traditional glass rigs, mini rigs, etc.

The anatomy of dab rigs

Different components make up a typical setup of any dab rig. Electric rigs have electric nails and bangers that typically come with an electric coil. This coil heats up when electricity runs through it. 

Conversely, other types of dab rigs come with standard dabbing nails and torches/ lighters. The torches are used for manually heating the Nails. 

Another dab rig accessory is a dabber used for scooping up the concentrate and placing it on the heating element of the rig. Dabbers are necessary whether you’re using a torch or electric nail/banger setup.

Electric Nails vs. Banger: What’s the Difference?

Electric nails are designed for use in a stationary rig that the user will plug into the wall. On the other hand, electric bangers are designed in portable rigs that can be carried around and used anywhere you go. Bangers are perfect for dabbing outdoors or joining a group at a friend’s house.

How do you properly take a dab?

A lot of people wonder how to properly use dabs because it seems like such an intimidating process. It may seem a bit scary, but don’t let the smoke trick you into thinking it’s going to be terrible. It’s a very smooth and tasty smoking experience. 

When taking a dab, make sure your nail or banger is hot enough. If it isn’t, then your wax won’t vaporize correctly, and you could hurt yourself. Luckily, most dab rigs and dabs manufacturers include well-written user manuals in their packages that guide how to take their dabs properly.

How big should my dabs be?

There are all different sizes of dabs; small, medium and large are the most common. If your nail or banger is smaller, you’ll want to keep your dabs relatively small. You can always make them bigger if necessary.

Be patient while you’re taking a dab and give it time to cool down and settle before trying to take another one. If you try to take another dab too soon after the first one, it will hurt your throat or make you cough.

Taking a dab starts to get easier once you’ve done it once or twice. Hence, don’t give up if it makes you uncomfortable the first few times.

What kind of marijuana is necessary for taking dabs?

Depending on what type of concentrate you’re using, different types of marijuana work better. For a solid wax concentrate, you’ll want to use a strain that has a higher percentage of THC. For shatter or budder, your marijuana can have lower levels of THC as long as it is from an Indica-dominant hybrid.

It’s crucial that you’re well-hydrated before taking a dab because it will dehydrate you slightly. You’ll need to drink more water after you take your dab so that you can stay hydrated.


There are many things to consider when you start dabbing. Nevertheless, the more information you have about your oil and how it affects your body, the better. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there for people who want to know more before starting this new way of consuming cannabis.

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