Obviating Common Excuses to Not Adapt GPS Tracking Software


Obviating Common Excuses to Not Adapt GPS Tracking Software

Any change comes with some resistance. Therefore, managers used to handling their fleet manually find it hard to switch to digital management. They ge

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Any change comes with some resistance. Therefore, managers used to handling their fleet manually find it hard to switch to digital management. They generally have doubts regarding how their fleet will benefit from investing in a GPS tracking software

Are you a manual fleet manager and are apprehensive about managing your fleet digitally? Have you questioned some fundamental things about how digital fleet management will work for you? In this article, we have busted some myths about shifting to digital fleet management! 

Some Common Myths And Their Solutions

In this section, let us reason out some concerns regarding shifting to digital fleet management from the traditional format. 

  1. My fleet runs on trust, I don’t need to micromanage anyone 

Using fleet management software doesn’t mean that you’ll be breathing down your drivers and employees. Instead, by collecting data you are giving them more independence in operations. You wouldn’t have to ask them to send manual updates every day. You can just check their performance on the software. 

Moreover, the software is mostly about increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs in a fleet. If your drivers are trustworthy and well-performing, they wouldn’t feel any difference other than getting their EOD work reduced. They might even benefit from the change since their performance and efforts will be better represented in the software’s reports. 

  1. My drivers will not work with me anymore 

While the shift might be significant, once drivers get used to digital management, they come to rely on fleet management tools. Things such as route planning and safety measures positively influence their performance and experience as well. Since digitizing fleet management will also reduce paperwork, it will be eventually beneficial for both parties. 

If your drivers are apprehensive about shifting the mode of management, you can highlight the above-mentioned benefits they will surely get in no time.

  • New software is hard to install, set up, and understand

Anything new comes with a learning curve, but that shouldn’t stop you from growing, right? Yes, you might need a few days to set up and understand how fleet management software works. However, you can learn as you go since there is hardly anything to lose in the process. 

Moreover, your software provider’s support team should help you install, set up, and understand the basics. A single training session should be enough for you to get going. 

  • The expenditure is too high

Yes, subscribing to fleet management software is expensive initially. However, so is acquiring your fleet and other important assets. You should see the initial cost as an investment that you can use to maximize your fleet returns. 

With a great fleet management software system you can save money through better resource management, reckless driving, fraudulent activities, and pilferage to name a few. 

  • My fleet is too small to gain anything from it

Regardless of the fleet size, if your business is dependent on vehicles, you’ll need fleet management software. While larger fleets will get larger benefits because of the proportion of savings involves, smaller fleets benefit from software aid too. 

A fleet management system is also more about making things easier for the manager instead of them being the other way around. Regardless of whether you have a fleet of five vehicles or 500, any advancement in business operations is sure to reap benefits. 

Summing Up 

There you go! Now we have reasoned with some of the most common myths about switching to digital fleet management. We hope this article answers all your queries and you feel more comfortable with digitizing your fleet. The next step now is to choose a GPS tracking software that best suits your fleet’s needs. Try TrackoBit, India’s faster-growing telematics software to save a lot of time and effort and increase your business’ baseline.