Quality Roof Leak Repair Services

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Quality Roof Leak Repair Services

Chicago Brick Company is available to assist you if your roof is damaged by hail storms or if leaks develop from normal wear and tear. Our roofers hav

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Chicago Brick Company is available to assist you if your roof is damaged by hail storms or if leaks develop from normal wear and tear. Our roofers have years of experience in providing quality Chicago roofing repair services.

Our team can quickly repair any type of metal roof, including tiled roofs. We can also provide the best solution by conducting a detailed assessment.

We never cut corners and place a strong focus on long-term professional repairs. No patch jobs are possible. Chicago Brick Company will conduct a leak detection test. We can often provide same-day repairs once we have found the source.

Metal roofs are available in terracotta tiles or metal roofs. From gutter repairs to flashing repairs, our Chicago roofing repair services can help with any roof problem.

Emergency Roof Leak Repair 24 Hours a Day

It is not a good idea to wait for repairs when there is an unexpected leak. You can see signs of long-term water damage such as mould growth and watermarks.

Our professional roofers are available 24 hours a day to repair any roof leaks. Don’t panic if water is leaking into your home at night or on weekends. For prompt roof repairs, we can be there within an hour of your booking.

With minimal disruption, we can also install and replace roofing materials in an emergency. Our long-lasting replacements will last longer than patching up any damage. With dependable durability, your roof will last for many years.

Common causes of roof leakage

Your home could be at risk from a leaking roof. A leaky roof can cause serious aesthetic damage and could also affect the structural integrity of your house.

All of the ceilings, walls, and support beams within an interior structure could become rotten. If there are visible water spots, mould and mildew growth can occur.

There are many common causes of leaky roofs. These issues can cause roof problems.

  • Holes in the roof: Tree branches, hailstorms, and natural wear and tear could cause holes in your roof or ceiling.
  • Cracked tiles on roofs: tiles can crack and chip, which can lead to roof damage. Dislodged tiles can also cause water to seep through, leaving gaps.
  • Roof flashing is damaged because it prevents water from entering seams and joints on your roof. It is made of either thin metal or malleable material and wears down over time.
  • Gutter overflow: Water overflows from clogged gutters. This can lead to long-term water damage in less obvious places.

A variety of other factors can also cause significant roof leakage. It is especially important to be vigilant if your roof is older or if you have rooftop additions such as skylights, chimneys, and vents.

How to know of a leaking roof?

Roof damage can be overlooked, and you might be scrambling for a bucket in the midst of torrential rain. You can usually identify leaks by looking for signs on a roof that is damaged.

A leaky roof can be identified by these signs:

  • Water spots: these are signs of water damage. This is just a superficial sign of a serious water leak.
  • Ceiling bubbles: a ceiling that is water-dripping from the ceiling is a red flag. However, this usually happens later. Water seeping through your ceiling can cause water to pool behind your paint job. This could lead to a water balloon ready to burst.
  • Mould and moss are common signs of a leaky roof. It can also pose a health risk. Moss can also grow on exterior walls that are subject to water seepage.

Chicago Brick Company is the right place to call if you notice water spots on your ceiling or damaged tiles all-around your home. Our licensed roofers and roofing plumbers can provide long-term maintenance and repairs to a variety of leaking roofs.