Questions To Ask Before Buying Eggs Online

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Questions To Ask Before Buying Eggs Online

How do you prefer having your eggs in the morning? Scrambled, poached, fried, or omelette? It is not surprising why the Brits eat about 12 million a y

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How do you prefer having your eggs in the morning? Scrambled, poached, fried, or omelette? It is not surprising why the Brits eat about 12 million a year with varied recipes to relish. But despite the massive role eggs play in our daily diet, there is a range of misconceptions, right from the best way to store them to eating them beyond the expiry date to the details mentioned on the packaging.

So, before you buy eggs online, ask these questions yourself:

How to know if eggs are fresh?

Most of us may have heard of the float test. Here, you drop the egg in a glass full of water to see if it is vertical or slightly tilts or floats up. But is it the safest way to check freshness? Experts suggest that eggs are safe to eat for a few days after expiry. The package you receive must have an expiry date on it. The moment the egg floats on the water, it indicates that more air gets inside as the eggs get older.

You could also check the freshness by cracking them open. A fresh egg has a rounded yolk, which stands proud. The white has two distinct parts: a thick, dense layer around the yolk and a thin, watery outer layer. Older eggs will have flatter yolk, and the egg whites are runnier.

How to store eggs?

For maximum freshness and safety, eggs should always be under 20 degrees. To avoid the constant fluctuations in the house kitchen, it is best to store the eggs in their box inside the refrigerator. Besides these, follow food hygiene practices in the kitchen and avoid cross-contamination by cleaning the surfaces, dishes, and utensils. Ensure to wash hands thoroughly before and after handling eggs.

What does ‘free range’ mean?

You imagine a wide and open space where the chicks roam freely when you hear this term. The reality is different. Eggs termed ‘free range’ means the hens must have constant daytime access to runs mainly covered with vegetation, with about nine hens per square metre. These hens should also be provided nest boxes, perches, and space for scratching and dust bathing. Organic eggs fall under free-range.

Can I freeze eggs?

Yes, you can. If you freeze them before the best date, they can be used later safely. Just crack the eggs into a container, seal and freeze them, labelling them clearly with the date the eggs were frozen. You can freeze them for up to a year. Such eggs come in handy during baking time. You could also use them for recipes like eggs or omelettes.

Can I eat runny eggs?

Studies mention that you should not consume raw and lightly cooked eggs as they may include salmonella bacteria that cause some illness. But now, this advice is revised, saying infants, children, pregnant women, and older adults can safely eat raw and lightly cooked eggs if you buy eggs online following safe practices.

Now, order meat online, too, as these stores follow FSSAI and WHO guidelines before delivering them to your doorstep.