Reasons to Work with Milton employment agency


Reasons to Work with Milton employment agency

Flexibility As recruiters, Milton employment agency hear about the hackneyed "work/life balance" on a daily basis. Employees demand it, employers wa

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As recruiters, Milton employment agency hear about the hackneyed “work/life balance” on a daily basis. Employees demand it, employers want to provide it, and both parties frequently interpret it as a scheduled 8-hour workday with little overtime. We at HRCRAFT refer to it as “work/life integration.” The job never stops, and we all put in long hours, but it is up to us how and when we do it. Several HRCraft have cut back on their work hours, yet they never compromise on the quality of their resumes or the service they serve to their customers.

Having a good time 

There are more team lunches at Rogue than we can count, as well as comedy performances, escape rooms, bowling alleys, race car tracks, baseball games, charity galas, golf competitions, and more. Only at HRCRAFT can you get reprimanded by your superiors for being at your computer when you should be drinking cocktails in the kitchen.


Having a good time isn’t cheap. HRCRAFT takes pride in being a top Milton employment agency for our customers, which means we must treat our recruiters like top-tier talent. The proprietors of HRCRAFT, are incredibly generous. They’ll spend more per person on one of our quarterly social events than many other agencies do on their recruiters over the course of the year. But it’s not just about the money; We constantly on your side. HRCRAFT will help a devoted their mental health, physical health, immigration procedure, appropriate PD, and other issues wherever possible. Milton employment agency provides time, money, and items to charitable organizations close to our hearts, particularly the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre.


We always respect each other at HRCRAFT. Internal strife or dishonest dealings have no place here…. It doesn’t matter if you’re a top biller; you can’t win at HRCRAFT if you’re hurting the team as a whole. Furthermore, Milton employment agency respect their clients and applicants, as well as our vendors and business partners. We’re happy that at HRCRAFT, we strive to shatter the stereotype of “slimy salesman selling people” by wearing our principles on our sleeves every day. Milton employment agency maintained employing individuals based on their beliefs, honesty, and work ethic when the market improved and business flowed in, and we avoided the “me-first” money makers.

Our Customers

Milton employment agency can have all the bells and whistles and advantages in the world, but it won’t matter if it doesn’t have the clients to keep it afloat. HRCRAFT has collaborated with several of Canada’s most recognized People Leaders (CHROs, CFOs, CTOs, CEOs, and so on) for many years, and in some cases from Day 1. They expect and deserve high-quality recruiting services, and if you genuinely care about and appreciate your clients on a professional and personal level, it’s simple to constantly try to do your best. Our clients have helped us grow as recruiters, account managers, and individuals.

Our Candidates

In recruiting, there is always pressure to produce, and the commodities Milton employment agency must provide are brilliant individuals who will favorably impact our client’s business. Hundreds of outstanding workers and contractors have been placed with fantastic companies… and they make us look good because we were able to identify and represent them!

Earning Potential

We wouldn’t perform our occupations for free, no matter how much we enjoy them. In almost ten years, HRCRAFT has never modified our generous commission arrangement. Milton employment agency proprietors don’t mind if their senior recruiters make more money than they do as business owners; in fact, they like it. We all consider ourselves extremely fortunate to work in a real meritocracy where we have significant power over our salary.


HRCraft costumers used to get to work by foot, bus, Canada Line, SkyTrain, SeaBus, West Coast Express, and bicycle before COVID-19. A HRCraft may live practically anywhere in the Canada and commute on a regular basis. And when the pandemic hit, Milton employment agency was all ready to work from home; there’s nothing like avoiding the commute!