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Take Screenshot in mac book?

How to take a screenshot on your Mac: 4 ways to capture your screen You may have up to four ways to take a screenshot depending on the Apple machine

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How to take a screenshot on your Mac: 4 ways to capture your screen

You may have up to four ways to take a screenshot depending on the Apple machine you have: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac.

If you want to capture what’s on your Mac right now, whether it’s event tickets, an email you just received, or a photo of your desktop, knowing how to take a screenshot is a must-have ability.

There are three ways to snap a screenshot with keyboard shortcuts on any Mac, plus a fourth technique if you have a MacBook with a touch bar. We’ll show you how to snap a screenshot on your Mac using the various keyboard shortcuts listed in this guide. We’ll also show you how to use the screenshots you’ve taken. Apple provides a plethora of options for saving, deleting, and opening documents.

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Follow the steps: Mac, iPhone

Screenshots can’t be taken right in front of the user or on the screen on Apple devices. To take screenshot in macbook, you’ll need to press a specific combination of keys. Taking a screenshot on an Apple iPhone is quite simple. It’s simple to take a screenshot on an iPhone using Face ID or Touch ID. To take a screen shot, all you need is the appropriate combination of keys.

Follow these instructions to take a screenshot of your Mac. The full screen, a window, or a section of the screen can be captured.


This key combination will transform your cursor into a crosshair, which you may drag to pick a part of your screen to capture. To capture the picture, release the mouse button or trackpad.

After pressing Shift-Command-4, you have a few more options:

When you press and hold the space bar, the crosshair transforms into a small camera icon that you can drag over any open window. To take a screenshot of a window, simply click on it. This method produces a screenshot with a white border around the window and a slight drop shadow.

After dragging to highlight an area but before releasing the mouse button or trackpad, press and hold the space bar: This maintains the shape and size of the object.

Tips on how to take better screenshots

To improve your screenshots, try the following suggestions:

You can release go of the keyboard keys once the crosshairs appear.

Press Space after you’ve clicked the mouse button and started moving the pointer to move the selected region around.

If you hold Shift, you’ll only be able to move horizontally.

At any time throughout the screengrab, press Escape to stop it. There will be no image generation or capture.

The screenshot will be copied to your pasteboard if you hit Control at the same moment.

Screen caps From A Windows 10 Computer

You should be able to take a screenshot by hitting the Windows logo key and the PrtScrn (or PrtSc) key at the same time, depending on your system (which is usually on the right end of the function key row). If it doesn’t work, try adding the Ctrl or Fn keys to the mix as well. The image will be saved as a PNG file in the “Pictures” > “Screenshots” folder.

If it doesn’t work (I noticed that half the time I attempted it, the system refused to snap the screenshot), press Windows + Shift + S, which will launch a Windows software named “Snip & Sketch.” (You can also open the app through the Windows app menu.) Your cursor will change to a + sign, and a little toolbar will appear at the top of the screen, allowing you to choose between a rectangle clip, a freeform clip, or a full-screen image. The clip (or “snip,” as Windows refers to it) will be saved to the clipboard, with a thumbnail appearing in the lower right corner of your screen. To edit the text, click on it.