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The Top 8 Site To Promote YouTube Video

As a small business owner, you must always consider new ways to bring your goods and services in front of as many people as possible while staying wit

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As a small business owner, you must always consider new ways to bring your goods and services in front of as many people as possible while staying within your budget.

If used regularly as part of your marketing strategy, YouTube can be a cost-effective approach to develop your brand.

ModCloth gained 4000 subscribers and 1 million YouTube views, resulting in an increase in sales, for a fraction of the cost of their typical search marketing.

Not sure if YouTube can help your company grow? Here are eight advantages that site to promote YouTube video can offer your company.

  1. Take Advantage of YouTube’s Massive Traffic

With over 4 billion videos seen every day, online video is exploding. You may easily reach your audience if you utilise YouTube for business, both by generating videos and through advertising on other people’s videos.

Behind only Google and Facebook, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and third most visited website.

Every 60 seconds, 100 hours of video are posted to YouTube by one billion individuals across the world.

YouTube reaches more US individuals aged 18-34 than any cable network, according to Nielsen.

As long as you educate, entertain, and provide solutions to their problems, you’ll find a group of people who will become your devoted fans and consumers on video-streaming platforms like YouTube.

  1. YouTube marketing will assist you in being found on Google

Google Universal Search combines videos, photographs, news, books, and local searches in its search results to deliver the most relevant information for anyone searching.

You may have noticed that Google’s search results are increasingly featuring videos. This demonstrates that Google views video as equally valuable to text-only pages.

You may take advantage of this by generating complementary films on YouTube and writing high-quality content on your website. This will increase the number of backlinks to your site, allowing visitors to find you more easily on Google.

You may boost the authority of your website by using YouTube into your business’s marketing plan. In Google’s opinion, the more authority your website is, the higher all of your pages will rank in the search results.

Over 60% of Google searchers click on the first three results, and over 90% of all Google searchers click on the first ten organic results.

4 Proven Ways to Increase Your Website’s Authority Using YouTube

  1. Encourage other website owners to post your movies on theirs.

It counts as a vote in your favour every time someone embeds your video on their website. The more people that embed your video, the better it will rank in the search results, as Google considers websites with exceptional content that is updated on a regular basis more authority.

  1. Link your YouTube channel to your domain name.

When you link your website to your YouTube channel, YouTube recognises you as the official representative of your company. When someone searches for your brand or terms related to the services you provide, this results in more relevant video results referring to your business.

  1. Obtain social media exposure for your videos.

When it comes to ranking pages, Google takes social media indicators into account. You’re signaling to Google that you’re providing valuable material for your target audience if you can make high-quality videos that others want to share.

  1. Provide more consumption alternatives for your audience.

Because you’re catering to diverse learning styles, giving your audience a variety of ways to ingest information – including text, visual illustrations, and auditory cues – will enhance overall engagement with your films.

Fun Fact:

  • Visual learners account for 65% of the population.
  • Aural learners account for 30% of the population.
  • Kinesthetic learners account for 5% of the population.

This blog post, for example, can be simply repurposed into a variety of formats, including:

  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • series of videos

This method allows you to develop at least four pieces of content from a single concept, resulting in a more engaged audience that can quickly assimilate the information you present.

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  1. Expand Your Global Audience

One of the most significant advantages of using YouTube for company is this.

Creating video content on a regular basis attracts new visitors who would never have found your company otherwise. Even if you just speak one language, YouTube allows you to reach a global audience.

If you’re a native English speaker, you’ll have an advantage, as it’s tough to break into the big English-speaking market (30 percent of all YouTube views) if you can’t write or produce good material.

Additionally, by using closed-captions in your films, you can attract new audiences by catering to those with diverse needs.

According to new research, videos with closed captions get 4% more views and subscribers than those without.

Fun fact: 80% of those who prefer to view videos with closed captions don’t have any hearing problems.

It’s also critical to include many call-to-actions within your movies, as well as annotations that link to:

  • Additional videos
  • Your website’s content
  • Series of email autoresponders
  • Offers of goods and services
  1. Use YouTube to grow your email list

Another advantage of using YouTube for business is that you may grow your email list by providing good, engaging material.

Make use of software that allows you to easily integrate your sign-up form into YouTube videos. Before continuing, a video can be temporarily paused to allow viewers to input their email address and subscribe to your mailing list.

This method makes growing your email list easier than ever while also generating compelling video material that your audience will enjoy.

  1. Your target market will promote and buy from you.

Conversions are increased when videos have a human touch. People buy from people they can trust, and you may earn their trust by responding to them emotionally.

According to new research, sending traffic to a landing page with a video of a company representative speaking about the product or service can significantly enhance your list of leads and sales for professional services and general businesses.

Do you want to make the most of Youtube for your company? This wonderful Udemy course comes highly recommended. Create a channel, get more views, and more: YouTube Masterclass – The Ultimate YouTube Guide


  1. Use AdWords for Video to target your audience

YouTube marketing with James Bond

Productions by Eon

You can gain laser-focused access to your audience with Google AdWords for Video by advertising on videos that your audience is more likely to view and search for.

The primary benefit of AdWords for Video is that you only pay for views that are actively engaged.

When a viewer watches your ad for at least 30 seconds, it is considered an engaged view. In other words, you will not be charged if your video ad is skipped.

Take a look at how Rokenbok’s video advertising campaign resulted in 50 percent of their consumers coming through YouTube.

The ability to build your audience through ‘earned views’ is the most significant advantage of AdWords for Video.

These views are completely free and are earned when someone watches your video ad and subsequently watches one or more videos on your YouTube channel during a seven-day period.

When someone watches 2-4 videos on your YouTube channel, they are far more inclined to subscribe to it.

  1. Make Money with AdSense for Video make money with adsense for video

Regularly producing video material allows you to make money directly from your videos through Google’s AdSense for Video service.

Interesting facts:

  • Over a million content creators from 30 countries earn money simply by uploading videos to YouTube.
  • Thousands of channels generate six-figure income each year.
  • You can also make money from your video campaigns by combining Google AdWords and AdSense for Video.

This is how it works:

1) A viewer notices your video advertisement in another video and clicks it.

2) You include the cost of that click in your campaign budget.

3) The viewer continues to watch your video while also viewing adverts from other content providers who have their ads enabled to appear on your videos. (may be turned off)

4) When a viewer clicks or views those adverts, you get 68 percent of the ad income.

This means you may conduct AdWords advertisements for your films while also profiting from letting others to advertise on them.

As you can see, YouTube can help you expand your audience and business in a variety of ways.