The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Advertising In 2022


The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Advertising In 2022

eCommerce is an integral element of selling for any retailer in the present and the importance that comes from eCommerce will only grow in the years t

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eCommerce is an integral element of selling for any retailer in the present and the importance that comes from eCommerce will only grow in the years to come. As more and more retailers can join Amazon’s market, this marketplace will get more competitive.

What is Amazon Advertising?

According to Amazon “Amazon Advertising,” it offers various options for registered sellers as well as book vendors, vendors, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) app developers, authors, and/or agencies to help them achieve their goals in advertising

Types of Amazon Ads

Amazon is constantly introducing new ways that retailers can connect with potential customers. Two of the major categories of Amazon advertisements are:

Amazon PPC

Four major types of Amazon CPC ads are

  1. Sponsored Products
  2. Amazon Sponsored Brands
  3. Sponsored Display 
  4. Stores

PPC is available to Amazon Vendors and Sellers who sell in eligible categories and their products can be Buy Box eligible.

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that allows both agencies and advertisers to reach out programmatically to people across the internet. 

A demand-side platform is a software program that allows automated centralized media buying across multiple sources

Amazon DSP programmatically delivers ads on our owned and operated sites as well as apps like Amazon as well as IMDb. Furthermore, advertisers can the ability to access the direct inventory of the most popular publishers via Amazon Publisher Services as well as major exchanges from third parties. 

The inventory includes top-quality websites that are accessible on mobile and desktop applications, displays on mobile devices, and video pre-roll.

Amazon DSP is available to both those who sell products on Amazon and those that don’t.

Cost of Amazon Ads

  • For every click, the advertiser needs to pay.
  • The costs of video ad or display campaigns will vary based on their format and location
  • Advertising via a managed service option that includes the help of an Amazon Advertising consultant generally needs a minimum expenditure of USD 35,000.
  • A Store has no fee.

Pro tip: Make use of the most effective Amazon PPC software to bid better than your competitors. You can quickly add negative keywords and swiftly find profitable keywords to advertise Amazon products.

Amazon Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are ads that cost per click. They are ads with a specific keyword that allows sellers to market their products to prospective customers.

Advertisers can easily manage their Sponsored Product ad spending by managing their budgets and bids. Ads can appear on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices.

Sponsored Brands have targeted ads that appear in search results on Amazon. They let brands promote different titles or products by using an option of a customized headline and logo in the imaginative. 

The ads take the customers to a page detailing the product or to a Store.

Sponsored Brands are offered to Amazon professional sellers that are registered in the Amazon Brand Registry in Seller Central and for retail sellers in the advertising platform.

The ads are based on a cost-per-click auction-based pricing system. Advertisers determine the maximum amount they will spend when their ad gets clicked.

Sponsored Brands can help brands increase sales and increase brand recognition on Amazon through ads placed in high-visibility locations.

Amazon Sponsored Display 

Sponsored Display ads assist sellers to design display campaigns that can reach the right audience in both Amazon. 

This type of advertisement is currently in the Beta stage and some options are only available to sellers who are located in the USA.

Sponsored Display makes use of machine learning and automation to enhance campaigns. Bids automatically adjust according to the likelihood of conversion permitting advertisers to alter their bids, or even pause their campaigns.

The ads don’t require the use of keywords. They make use of shopping signals to connect with people who might be interested in the products promoted.

Amazon Stores

Stores are distinct page(s) that are available on Amazon that permits sellers to display their brands and products. 

The process of creating a store is easy and doesn’t require any web-development knowledge. Stores are accessible on the Amazon website, mobile app, and desktop.

Sellers don’t need to be advertising on Amazon to start their Store, however, they must sell their products on Amazon.

Amazon DSP

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) lets agencies and advertisers effectively reach their audiences on the internet. It’s software that offers centralized, automated media buying across multiple sources.

Amazon Display Ads

These ads are customizable ads that can be utilized to reach the desired audience both on and off Amazon with either Amazon-generated content or creatives from the advertiser.

After clicking, the customer will be taken to a detail page for the product such as a Store, customized landing page, or an external site.

Video Ads

Amazon video ads mix audio, sight, and motion to tell a story of a brand and engage viewers both at home and on Amazon. Videos ads come in two kinds:

  1. In-stream video ads: These ads are displayed within video content, either before or during, or after referred to as in-stream video
  2. Out-stream ads: These videos are not part of video content, and usually use space for display ads on a site or an app

Amazon Custom Ads

Amazon also provides custom advertisements that could contain any of the previously mentioned formats for advertising. 

Businesses can purchase customized ads, regardless of whether they sell their products on Amazon. Custom programs require collaboration with an Amazon advertising consultant.

Amazon Attribution

This platform lets advertisers measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts on the performance of their ads on Amazon. 

It assists advertisers in understanding the channels that are most efficient and effective in helping them achieve their goals in media on Amazon.

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