Tips to consider when you are buying a property in Dubai


Tips to consider when you are buying a property in Dubai

Have you decided to purchase a property in Dubai? If the answer is yes then you may be wondering what are the things you need to keep in mind while pu

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Have you decided to purchase a property in Dubai? If the answer is yes then you may be wondering what are the things you need to keep in mind while purchasing a property in Dubai. Buy Emaar properties suggests that a lot of pointers come into consideration before you embark on a journey to buy a property in Dubai. So let us understand the factors. That you need to be aware before you plan to purchase a property in Dubai


One of the things that determines the price of a property is the location. Now when it comes to the choice of the right location for your property there are a few things that you need to consider.

The locality that will suit you is dependent upon your requirements. So, the question that you need to ask yourself is “What is the purpose of purchasing a property in Dubai? The moment you have an answer to this question the search becomes relatively easier. New or developed locations have its own benefits. But if you are tight on the budget front affordable solutions may not be a bad idea at all.

Master developer

By now you may have narrowed down your search to a few neighborhoods, then what would be your next step? To have an idea on how the community works, and how well it is maintain you need to check the track record of the developer. The value of your home in the long run is dependent upon the master developer. If the reputation of the master developer is great and it tends to be well- maintain, it is going to interest a lot of people.

Being a landlord, you will have more people interested in your property and the same logic would be applicable when you are planning to sell the property. So, once you have gone on to make this decision it is suggest that you take some time and conduct proper research about these developers.

Project developer

When you compare it to many countries of the world. The development of the project is done by the developer in Dubai. There are various locations where you can purchase a land and construction of a house can be done with your own taste. But this is applicable to villas only.

A developer is an individual who constructs the home as a commercial developer or a series of villas can be done. Emaar company is one of them that has constructed numerous properties in this manner. After the choice of the location and the master developer, it is the time to opt for a project developer. Discuss with a relator in Dubai, about which of them would be having a reputation in the market and which are the ones that you need to avoid. The moment you purchase property from a bad developer it is going to have a major impact on the revenue front.

Maintenance company

All the things may be good, but things do fall flat if the maintenance company is not as per specified standards. It would result in loss of the buildings reputation and no longer it would enjoy the company of well- maintained buildings as it earlier did. If the maintenance company is not doing their job properly the owners association does have the power to terminate the contract and avail the services of a new company. But for such a situation to occur there has to be unity among the owners.

So, before you are planning to invest in a property you need to check out the reputation of the maintenance company in that building. Your realtor can turn out to be the best source of information in this case. In any way when you visit the building you get an idea on whether it is well- maintain or not. If it is not up to the market, then all the better that you stay away from the building.

The age of the building

The city of Dubai is a new one and the developments of the city is not more than 15 years old. As the city is growing at a fast pace there are some developments that is coming along the way. Due to the immense interest from the local and the international developers. The off-plan property search of the company has gone on to generate widespread demand. The reason being such developments tend to be cheaper and is available at attractive plans.

Property condition

In various countries of the world, the seller has to provide an inspection report to the buyer. This report is known to contain to have an idea about the actual condition of the property. But this is not a common practice in Dubai. If you are looking for an inspection report you need to do it at your own end. Even you may avail the services of a private company to do the same.

A personal advice to follow is to delay the snagging report as far as possible. A detailed information report, is going to give you an idea about the type of defects. That is already present in the property and this information comes handy. When you are planning to negotiate on the price front.

Price evaluation

Once we have gone on to done with the project location. Developer and search let us get to the real work. To have an idea about the price evaluation of a property in Dubai is really important. Being an overseas investor when you come from Singapore or other countries. You will find that the property prices in Dubai are cheap but it does not work that way. Yes, when you compare it to the international market the prices of the properties are very much affordable in Dubai. But to understand the real value of the property you need to have someone advising you about it. You will gain an idea about other things that are associate with the purchase.