Top 10 Resources for Buying Boxer Shorts for Men


Top 10 Resources for Buying Boxer Shorts for Men

Top 10 resources for buying Boxer shorts for men In recent years, men's underwear, particularly boxer briefs, has gotten increasingly technological i

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Top 10 resources for buying Boxer shorts for men

In recent years, men’s underwear, particularly boxer briefs, has gotten increasingly technological in terms of stitching styles, quality fabrics, and temperature regulation. We’ll look at some of the greatest selections on the market to help you decide which skivvies are right for you.

If you don’t remember when was the last time you bought yourself a new pair of cotton boxer shorts, it’s high time that you should buy boxer shorts for men. You can buy boxer shorts online from the below-given sites, we have curated a list of best sites for cotton boxers shorts based on fabric, price, online availability, size, colour, material, and sustainability for you. Have a look at it.

  1. London bee cotton boxer shorts.

These boxers are not going to burn your pocket at all. They are made up of anti-bacterial and odour free- fabric. We bet you that you will hardly find such quality at this price range. They use the best quality material to make the boxer shorts for men, all their materials are QC inspected, before they are made into a piece of clothing that you are going to wear. You must understand that very tight innerwear is not considered to be healthy for your balls, it can be a hindrance to sperm production. So choose the best one as per your fit and concerns.

  1. Symbol

The symbol is a brand of amazon and it was launched in 2016. It offers a variety of cotton boxer shorts, from check range to printed, solid polka dots. They come in a size range from small to 4XL. You will hardly find, such sizes in the cotton boxers online. They are made up of 100% cotton. They are super affordable. You can buy a pack of 2 for one, which most other brands don’t offer.

  1. Jockey

No doubt Jockey is a highly reputed brand in India as well as abroad when it comes to the innerwear for both men and women. They also variety of sizes in their cotton boxer shorts. You can buy boxers shorts online at their website, or any other website like Amazon, Myntra, or Flipkart. However, if you are looking for lots of print and colours, Jockey is going to disappoint you. They are made up of 100% cotton, so they can lose their elasticity, in lesser time. But the comfort and breathability that it offers to you will surely beat its cons.

  1. Fruit of the loom

Fruit of the loom is the brand that is known for its innerwear. It offers the best cotton material innerwear. It comes in both packs and a single piece. The packs are often dark assorted, light assorted. It offers plenty of colours and prints. And also available in solid patterns. It has a fly in the front which looks more elegant, rather than showing its buttons. However, you will find them mostly in dark colours so if you are a fan of lots of colours then this may disappoint you. These are made up of moisture-wicking material, which allows your skin to breathe. They mostly come in a relaxed fit and are machine washable.

  1. Van Hausen

No doubt Van Hausen, is India’s leading brand in the innerwear category. Its cotton boxers for men deserves to be on the list. The classic underwear, favoured by the everyday man, maintains a relaxed effortlessness with clean lines. The simple design exudes manliness with a dash of elegance.

  1. Tommy Hilfiger

The best part of their boxer shorts for men is that they come with the best elastic, which is the best component to consider while wearing them outside. It comes in sizes that range from S to 2XL. These are made up of cotton material. And hand washable. They are a little bit on the higher side when it comes to the price.

  1. Calvin Klein

There must be a reason why so many celebrities trust this brand. This is the brand that flaunted the low waist, by showing its logo then it became the fashion. These boxers are made of a lightweight woven fabric that is incredibly light, and robust elastic. When come these boxers have outstanding longevity, lasting more than two Christmases.

  1. H&M

It’s a brand that needs no introduction.  They offer a premium quality innerwear line. They come with the 2 buttons at the front to offer you more functionality. They use premium quality 100% cotton to give you a luxurious feel. The best part is that their price range starts from mid-range and goes higher. So you can purchase what fits your pocket.

  1. Levis

They, like other brands, recognized the innerwear trend and expanded their assortment to include boxer shorts.

They are a combination of both basic and classic looks. They come with a brand logo on their waistline, which might not look attractive to everyone, which can be one of the cons of these cotton boxers for men. It prides itself on providing maximum comfort and promising customers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Levi’s boxer shorts have a simple but traditional design. These boxers are a blend of basic and classic, with a brand label on the elastic and a button at the fly. Their price range is also not so on the higher side.

  1. XYXX

XYXX is a Surat-based brand that designs interesting and comfortable innerwear to change India’s innerwear culture.

When it comes to comfort, these boxer shorts for men are made up of the micro-modal fabric, which offers the best breathability and comfort. Its design is based on motifs, to make it different from other brands. When it comes to breathability, micro-modal is a fabric, which is long-lasting and can wick moisture quickly and keeps you dry for a longer period. The best thing is that they are relatively cheaper than many other brands on the list.