Top Factors That Affect Development of Personality During Academic Life


Top Factors That Affect Development of Personality During Academic Life

Personality development during academic life is formed by environment that surrounds those students. This environment is formed by the structure of so

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Personality development during academic life is formed by environment that surrounds those students. This environment is formed by the structure of society within which an individual exists. The environment forces us to live according to traditions of the respective society. The culture of society and individual own perception, beliefs shape his personality. Many other factors also affect the development of personality during academic life. These factors include parenting, schooling, social structures, physical traits, and intelligence level. School and parenting are major factors that affect development of personality. They are especially important during the academic phase of life. This article provides a detailed discussion on these factors that are as follows:

Effects of Parenting

During the academic phase, parenting is a major factor of importance. This is because it affects childrens’ personality during academic life. These influences remain with the child through his/her academic life. These influences continue to affect the academic life of children too. The parenting of child at a young age matters a lot.

When a human is born, he starts a new life. He adopts new habits, a new way of living, and new behaviours. The first right of the child is that their needs are being fulfilled. The fulfilment of the child’s needs affects his academic life as well. This factor decides stress level of the child, which affects his academic life too.

Parents are the first school for their child. This is because they shape behaviours, and attitudes of the child. These behavioural developments define his socialising aspect within the academic circle. This also influences his overall academic life. The first place of learning for humans is with the family. If they bring them up with the ethical requirement of society, it will result in a positive personality. This will have a positive influence on the child’s academic life too.

Child Management:

Parents should manage their child’s confidence levels. In this way, they will be able to have faith in themselves. They will not go out and will look for a successful personality to duplicate it. This will affect their academic performance and their ability to perform their academic assignment writing tasks perfectly.

Lacking parenting affects the personality development of people during their academic life. People who face violence, abuse, alcoholism, neglect, and poverty have phonological problems. These factors affect their personality, which results in psychological disorders. Let’s consider another example of the people who lose joy in academic life due to poverty. Sometimes due to this situation, negative habits develop in people during their academic life.

But it can also have a positive influence. It may be possible that they will work hard in their academics, given their situation. It will shape their personality into a hardworking one. Further, it may also be possible for them to become aggressive, selfish, and hungry for satisfying their own needs. They may use fair, or unfair means by harming others to fulfil their needs too.

Effects of Schooling

Schooling is another factor affecting the personality of individuals during academic life. It plays a significant role in the development of personality. It decides the level of motivation, mental health, and contribution of schools. Further, it also aids in the organisation of activities, plans. These days, school is the best place for grooming individuals. It aids in identifying their hidden capabilities and skills. It positively influences their personality development aspect during academic life.

The individuals who go through challenging tasks of academia confidently have confident personalities later in life. During academic life, individuals develop a sense of self-esteem and individuality. They become more confident to study at home as compared to their peers. Development of Social-emotional skills during academic life also helps individuals manage challenging works.

The individuals who have to face poor adjustments during academic life get depressed. They also face social isolation problems. They possess a higher level of anger, as well as aggression. The continuous feelings of frustration and shortcomings in academics develop a negative format of adaptation. This is directed towards academic life too. As a result, people have low self-esteem and self-confidence.

Both schooling and parenting have had a significant impact on individual personality development. This impact and affect the academic life in a positive as well as negative way. In order to develop a good personality and succeed in academic life, one must learn to absorb positive energy from the surroundings.