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Top React Native UI Component Libraries

When developers work on React Native projects, they can accelerate its speed with the help of UI components. However, deciding to use a specific compo

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When developers work on React Native projects, they can accelerate its speed with the help of UI components. However, deciding to use a specific component library can be a bit tough since there are hundreds of them in the market. Hence, to help you out, this blog reveals eight useful libraries.

Top UI Component Libraries for your React Native app development.

1. React Native maps

React Native Maps is the best choice if you are looking to explore more using maps. This library includes both Android and iOS-specific map elements. Developers can modify the map view area, adjust the map style and overlay other components onto a map.

An animated API allows you to zoom in and out on your map, and create a better user experience.

2. NativeBase

NativeBase is a great place to get started creating apps for React Native developers. This library also includes a tutorial app and a Twitter Clone application. This library may also offer a premium starter set.

NativeBase is a well-known UI component library that offers mobile-first and accessible elements. This library allows you to create and maintain a consistent design framework for both mobile and web platforms. It also provides a list of elements that can be used to develop React Native UI.

This UI component library supports accessibility with React Native ARIA, themeable design systems, and we can optimize them for both light and dark modes.

NativeBase is the best choice if you are looking for toast for elements, advanced elements such as a row, skeleton, and column for layout, along with important elements like icons and overlays, flex, and checkboxes. NativeBase is powered by a Styled System to allow developers to create custom UI elements.

3. React Native Elements

This component library contains many contributed elements and is easier to customize, cross-platform, and personalize. It can be customized to suit your needs. It supports elements such as badges, pricing and avatars, star ratings, star ratings, dividers, social icons buttons, and overlay.

React Native Elements is not only a complete UI kit for React Native application development, but it also helps reduce the time and hassle involved in putting together packages by providers developers. It provides a pre-built kit with a stable API as well as a look and feel.

4. Native Camera

React Native Camera, or RN Camera is a library that allows you to communicate with your device’s camera. It allows developers to use simple functions without having to think about native code.

React Native’s camera element supports face recognition, barcode scanning, photos, text recognition, as well as videos for Android and iOS.

5. Native Paper

This open-source, cross-platform library contains 30+ production-ready elements. You can customize according to Material Design rules. It supports both dark and lighter themes. It allows you to seamlessly switch between different themes.

If you have customized the theme, you can use the Appearance API in React Native to apply theme movement based on device settings. Paper allows you to quickly add UI elements that are simple, clean, and easily customizable to your development. This will ensure you have the MVP you need.

6. Bit to React Native

The Bit is not a library, but it’s a great tool to create component-driven apps. This extensible toolchain makes it easier to create systems that are simpler to understand, faster to build, easier to maintain, and easier for others to use.

You can use Bit can in your project to track elements, and you can also export them into the virtual monorepo Bit. Every element is accessible, usable in other projects and also can be created and maintained by developers.

They can create as many apps as they need. They can also modify the functionality of apps by adding or removing elements. Bit allows them to make changes without the need for a development environment.

7. Native Gifted Chat

Are you looking for an entire chat UI library to use with your React Native app? React Native Gifted chat is the best choice. Chat is a well-known feature in many apps. This feature or functionality is made easier with React Native Gifted chat. Redux support is also available in this library.

You can easily customize every element in this library. All elements are written using TypeScript. These elements include clickable hyperlinks, copying messages from the clipboard, loading past messages, and attachment options.

8. Snap Carousel

React Native offers many ways to display a collection of photos in a gallery view. The most popular way to achieve the same is with React Native is through the Carousel. You can use multiple layouts and previews to show the products. It also allows for performant product management.

Carousel works with both iOS AND Android. The user can cycle through a selection of images, which can be displayed both horizontally and vertically. It allows developers to show their content on various mobile devices.

React Native Snap Carousel is the best choice for incorporating sliders or carousels into your application. This UI library contains many tips to optimize performance. It includes another useful feature which is, good documentation.

Snap Carousel has a broad API that includes property and multiple plug-n use layout patterns. It also allows developers to create animations and custom interpolations.

Closing Thoughts

React Native UI and animation libraries assist developers in creating user-friendly interfaces and animations. These libraries can be easily customized and have many amazing built-in functions. To improve user experience, you can choose from any of these libraries if you’re going to create a react native application. But, utilizing its full advantages needs expert developers from a leading company like Soft Suave. 

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