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The Elements of a Good Website Design Dundee Web Design Dundee.  A website design example is a great way to start the process of creating your own we

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The Elements of a Good Website Design Dundee

Web Design Dundee.  A website design example is a great way to start the process of creating your own website. Using an example will help you develop the layout, color palette, imagery, coding, and more. Once you have a look in mind, creating a website is easy. You’ll see how to make the website look beautiful, and you can easily add the features that will make it stand out from the crowd. Below, we’ll look at the different elements of a website design and their role in the success or failure of a website.

Usability determines success or failure of a website

Usability is an important consideration when developing a web design Dundee. Usability is the ease with which people can use the product or service. Usability is a concept that has become widely used within design circles. This concept aims to make things as simple as possible for users. Usability can be measured for almost anything, from websites to furniture and lobbies in hotels. It can also be applied to websites of kitchenware companies. A website’s usability is directly correlated with how satisfied users are with the product or service.

Usability testing can help businesses understand which aspects of their websites are difficult for users. By conducting usability tests, businesses can identify pain points that could hinder customer use or cause a website to fail. An intuitive design will ultimately boost customer usage, which in turn drives demand. It will also identify points of friction, which are essential in sales and customer service. Users will seek an easier-to-use site if they are experiencing friction or frustration while using it.


When it comes to website design, colors play a vital role in the entire process. Colors can express a variety of emotions and moods. Red, for example, is a highly energetic color that invokes a positive response in viewers. Yellow, meanwhile, is a more relaxing color that is perfect for websites aimed at children. Green is the color of nature and is often associated with “green” products. It is also a trendier color that is associated with wealth and prosperity.

Web Design Dundee.  The choice of colors is largely dependent on the target audience. A website that sells chocolate will not benefit from using purple and red. On the other hand, a website that promotes chocolate will benefit from green and purple. Context is crucial in selecting complementary colors. Red can dominate a website’s design, while green is best used to add radiance to elements. If you want to make your website stand out from the competition, try incorporating a little bit of both.


There are several ways to improve navigation in website design. Breadcrumb navigation, for example, is a secondary method for locating pages. It is usually found below a progress bar and acts as an additional means of trailing a visitor back through the site. It can also help increase a user’s confidence by offering an alternative means of browsing the site. To learn more about the benefits of breadcrumb navigation, read on.

A good navigation design takes the user’s experience into account. It includes clear language, links to the most relevant pages, and plenty of white space and color changes. It is also easier to use on any device, and it is contextual. Consider the experience of your website visitors when designing your navigation. Ultimately, you’ll want your visitors to be able to navigate the site with ease and make the best use of their time. Here are some tips on how to improve your website navigation:

Responsive design Dundee

The importance of responsive website design is obvious. Mobile devices account for 50% of internet searches, and 80% of Google searchers visit a company’s website with the intention to buy. Without a responsive design, these users are likely to abandon your site. A website that is optimized for mobile devices is not only more likely to generate revenue for businesses, but also saves time and money for visitors. You can use tools like Google Analytics to determine which browsers and page sizes are the most effective for your audience.

Web Design Dundee.  Another important aspect of responsive web design is breakpoints. Breakpoints are critical moments in a design’s evolution from one screen size to another. Most mobile devices have a horizontal viewport of 320 pixels. A responsive website will adjust its layout to adapt to these breakpoints. By analyzing your target audience and internal testing, you can make changes that will ensure your site will be compatible across multiple devices. The 320px breakpoint is a common size for mobile viewports.

Call-to-action buttons

The importance of call-to-action buttons in website design cannot be overemphasized. The design of these buttons should be clear and readable, with a short, actionable copy that indicates what the visitor should do when they click the button. Colors vary from brand to brand, but bright colors are reported to perform better than dark ones. For example, HubSpot’s testing of red and green CTA buttons showed that red outperformed green by 21%!

Web Design Dundee.  Another important factor in the success of call-to-action buttons is their size. They should be large enough to stand out from the background, without being too obvious. In addition, call-to-action buttons should be placed above and below the fold. A great example of this is the Two Chimps website, where a small call-to-action button sits below the fold. This site utilizes an impressive background photo and a simple call-to-action button.