What are the benefits of trademark assignment in India


What are the benefits of trademark assignment in India

If Trademark Registration allows you to unlock the value of your brand, Trademark assignment is your way to get benefitted from that value. Over the y

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If Trademark Registration allows you to unlock the value of your brand, Trademark assignment is your way to get benefitted from that value. Over the years, people have realized the importance of a brand name. And because of that, selling the trademark through either trademark assignment or licensing has gained a lot of attention. But is it beneficial? If so, then what are the benefits? This blog discusses the various benefits you obtain once you assign your brand name to someone else. 

“What is there in a name?” – is a saying that doesn’t hold any value anymore. Now that a brand is as valuable as the business itself, people are instead following the statement – “Name is everything.”

Many people have come to this realization and are gaining from it in several ways. Some are trying to put most of their money into marketing, while others with established brand names are contemplating selling it to another. Trademark Opposition

The selling of a trademark is an act known in legal terms as trademark assignment

Through the assignment, you transfer your branding rights to another. There are many ways to go about this transfer. You can do:

  1. Complete assignment where you transfer the entirety of your trademark rights to another
  2. Partial assignment where you limit the transfer to a few products and services
  3. Assignment through goodwill where the assignee also inherits the goodwill of your trademark
  4. Or, assignment without goodwill where you limit the assignee to only use the mark on the types of products and services you provide

All ways of trademark transfer will yield you some benefits. And in this article, we will take a look at all of them.

Benefits of Trademark Assignments

When you decide to transfer the rights of your brand to another, you are thinking about procuring the following benefits:

Business expansion

If you choose to license your brand instead of assigning, the door to indirect expansion opens for your trademark. How will it work? Well, when you rent your trademark to another, the efforts put into marketing your brand become double. In the end, you will end up engaging multiple vendors who will be more than willing to lend you a hand. It will then lead to unprecedented business expansion.

Unlocking the value of the trademark

One of the most critical trademark assignment benefits comes from the mutual agreement between the assignor and the assignee. It unlocks the correct value of the brand. When you assign your brand, its value amalgamates with the brand of the assignee. And once it enters the market, you have the power of not one but multiple brand names by your side. Trademark Infringement

Valid proof for trademark 

Selling a brand name is not akin to peddling groceries. There are actual legal steps involved. Those steps will factually establish the ownership of your brand name. Therefore, if any legal issues arise in the future, you will have a way to deal with them without delay. Furthermore, opposing an assigned trademark has a lot of complications. One critical reason behind it is that the Registrar of trademarks won’t ignore the trademarking rights of the assignee as per the trademarks act. It will compel him to delay the trademark opposition process until he has all the facts right from the very start.


Assigning your trademark will help you in more ways than one.

First, it will indirectly give you access to expansion. Secondly, it will let you extract the correct value of your brand with style. And finally, if you come across any opposition, the trademark registrar would have to take decisions in your favor. The reason is simple. He cannot deny the trademarks of the assignee to favor the opposition. ILD License

Trademark assignment lets you unlock the power of your brand. Find out more about the benefits of trademark assignment but taking a look at this article.