What are the different types of a cushion?


What are the different types of a cushion?

A cushion is a soft decoration item that can be used to make seating more comfortable. It is made with different materials and is available in multipl

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A cushion is a soft decoration item that can be used to make seating more comfortable. It is made with different materials and is available in multiple colours, sizes and shapes. Cushions are often filled with foam or some other material. They are generally used for sitting or kneeling upon, or to soften the hardness or angularity of a chair or couch.

Cushions can be of outdoor or indoor type. Outdoor cushions are becoming more and more popular due to the advanced quality of the outdoor fabrics. The indoor cushions are a very old article of furniture mostly used in ancient palaces and grand houses in the early middle ages.

Cushions differ from pillows. Unlike pillows, cushions serve both functional and decorative purposes such as supporting the kneeling, sitting, or relaxing. However, cushions are not specific to proper head and neck alignment. Pillows serve a functional role in the bedroom. They are meant to support your head, neck, and spinal alignment.

You can buy a wide range of beautiful cushions from Jagdish Store online. There are many types of cushions such as Chair Cushions, Rocking Chair Seat Cushions, Bench Cushions, Chaise Cushion, Window Seat Cushions, Wicker Cushions, and Church Pew Cushions.

Chair Cushions

Chair cushions refer to a separate cushion placed upon a chair to add comfort and style for long hours of sitting.

Rocking Chair Seat Cushions

Rocking chair seat cushions are a derivative of chair cushions. They are available with two separate cushions joined to make a seat and back connected style cushion.

Bench Cushions

Bench cushions refer to a style or type of cushions that are used to provide comfort and style to an indoor or outdoor seating bench. They range from a two-seat bench to a four or more seats bench.

Chaise Cushion

Chaise cushions are the ideal choice for outdoors as they are fade resistant and mildew resistant. They are the most popular and comfortable types of outdoor cushions.

Window Seat Cushions

Window seat cushions are the perfect choice for decorating and adding style and personal taste for seating near windows.

Wicker Cushions

Wicker cushions are available in both flat and firm styles. They can act as a protective barrier for your wicker furniture. When they are placed on the seat and back of a chair, they can absorb the immediate use or abuse of the furniture.

Church Pew Cushions

Church pew cushions are the cushions that are placed on or affixed to church pews or church seating. They are usually made up of either a single, lengthy cushion of varying depths, or several smaller cushions that span the entire length, or width, of the church pew. They can also be made to match the shape of the individual church pews.

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