What are the documents required for TEC certification in India


What are the documents required for TEC certification in India

TEC certificate is a mandatory document for those desirous of importing telecom products in India. We are not talking about all telecom products, just

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TEC certificate is a mandatory document for those desirous of importing telecom products in India. We are not talking about all telecom products, just those that fall under the jurisdiction of the Telecommunication Engineering Centre. Issued indirectly through the Department of Telecommunication, this certificate has a lot of documentation requirements at different stages. In this article, we are going to reveal them all to you.

Telecommunication products, specifically those that connect to other peripherals, require the approval of the Telecommunication Engineering Centre. Under the MTCTE, all such devices must undergo a thorough inspection. The reasons for such a high level of scrutiny are as follows:

  • Protecting the public from harmful emissions
  • Safeguarding the citizens from damaged products
  • Ensuring the quality of such products is always high
  • And, making sure that no regulatory standards are compromised in the manufacturing or import of such products.

Getting this certificate hinges on having the right documents at the right time of the TEC certification process. Therefore, in this article, we discuss the documents and the stages at which you will need them.

Process and documents to obtain TEC certificate in India

Following are the steps and the documents that you need to procure the certificate to import niche telecommunication products in India.

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The first step is to create a login ID at the TEC Certification portal.

The official portal of TEC requires the applicant to first create a user ID. In order to create, you must provide the following documents in addition to following the conventional steps:

  • Authorization Letter issued to the Indian Original Equipment Manufacturer: If a foreign brand of product is exporting the telecom equipment via an Indian OEM, then the Indian OEM must have the proper authorization. Therefore, the first document you need is a letter authorizing the Indian OEM to start the application process.
  • Authorization letter issued in favor of the Authorized Indian Representative: All telecom products must go through the hands of an Indian representative. He will be responsible for application filing, furnishing of documents, and other processes. Thus, the second document is the authorization letter in favor of this AIR or Authorized Indian Representative.

The second step is to get the equipment tested at an independent lab

Before filling the application form, you must get the telecom equipment tested at NABL- accredited lab. In addition to giving the TEC a basis for testing your equipment, it will inform this body of the due diligence you have done prior to applying for the TEC registration.

  • Test report received from the NABL-accredited lab
  • NABL accreditation certificate of that lab

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The third step is  applying for the TEC certificate

Go online and fill the application form for TEC certification. Once you have entered all the details, submit the fees to finalize your submission.

At this point, the portal won’t ask you to upload any documents. It is because all the documents that you’re required to submit are offline.

After submitting the application, you will receive directions about when and who to submit the documents.

Submitting the documents offline

In addition to the test report, the authorization letters in favor of OEM and the AIR, the documents you need to submit offline are as follows:

  • Certificate of incorporation;
  • Articles of Association;
  • Memorandum of Association;
  • Description of your business;
  • Details of the directors and the shareholders;
  • Address proof of the manufacturing unit;
  • Documents containing the technical information about the telecom equipment;
  • Copy of trademark registration certificate (if applicable);
  • Authority Letter from the brand owner
  • Bill of all the materials in the excel format
  • Sample of the telecom product

After you have submitted the application online and the documents offline, the rest of the process is the matter of analysis of the application testing of your equipment. In other words, your job is done.

And that’s all the documents you need for the TEC certification procedure.

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