What is the importance of RNI registration in India?


What is the importance of RNI registration in India?

RNI Registration, the permit to distribute newspapers and magazines in India, is a requirement that has gained a lot of attention from people. It is e

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RNI Registration, the permit to distribute newspapers and magazines in India, is a requirement that has gained a lot of attention from people. It is even though people are inclining more towards digital forms of news snippets instead of whole news stories. Why is that the case? In this article, we are going to expedite the reason why, despite the rise of social media news, the value of RNI registration is still going. 

There was a time when our mornings were exciting. We are always looking for the day ahead of us informed about the news of the world. And all of this was because of the newspaper. However, times have changed. The news that receives in the papers is often old, as we often get access to much more updated information from social media platforms.

These facts should typically state that the value of newspapers is going down.

However, that isn’t the case.

Surprisingly, people are now getting more excited about RNI Registration, a permit that allows one to circulate newspapers and magazines in India.

Why we are seeing such a contradictory scenario unfold?

Being tired of the same types of news online

The online news – if we can even call them that – are meme-driven pieces of information whose authenticity is always in question. And people are getting tired of it. As the lockdown scenario is still prevalent in India, the types of news that people have access to are reducing. It has driven the enlightened among us to look for more legitimate sources of news. Read More: Dealer Possession License

To provide them with such sources, publishers are reaching out to an RNI registration agency to start their newspapers in India.

RNI agency has grown stringent with the way it verifies the quality of the news

Over time, and several false pieces of news later, the RNI registration bodies have realized that they need to look at the current newspapers in India more closely. It is steadily creating a course for printed news media that will eventually lead to people having access to the right information.

In simple terms, RNI has grown strict, newspaper verification processes have become stricter, and the chances people now have to get legitimate information are higher.

New newspapers are emerging as truly unbiased

No matter what news you read – whether online or on paper – you can’t be sure about its biased nature. As every circulating paper now has a political party backing it, you never know which type of politically charged news you are going to read that day.

However, new newspapers are emerging. And instead of taking money from politicians, they are interested in delivering precise information to the people. RNI registration consultants have become an important source for such individuals. So, there is a chance that you will soon experience an era of unbiased news – probably not too soon though. Read More: Media Gateway Approval

RNI registration is free of any charges

There is no such thing as RNI registration fees. The Registrar of newspaper in India has made it so that whoever is capable of handling wide-scale distribution of good quality news can obtain the authorization without paying high registration costs.

Thus, if you’re looking to start a newspaper of your own, you can now do so without paying a single penny.

People are now yearning for legitimate news

The lives of people nowadays are only existing within 5*6 screens of their mobile phones. Every piece of information they receive from that is giving them increased anxiety. They are feeling hopeless with each passing day and only a real piece of news can help them. That’s why RNI registration has grown its importance. It promises to deliver the right newspapers delivering the correct news.


Even though the rise of social media has given people a lot of access to information, most of that info is not true. That’s why the enlightened have started to file the application of RNI Registration. They hope to bring back the era where news informed people instead of manipulating them.  Read More: Trademark Assignment

RNI registration is not just a permit to circulate newspaper in India. It’s importance goes far beyond that. Find out about it via this article.