What Type Of Screw Should I Choose For Constructing My Decks?

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What Type Of Screw Should I Choose For Constructing My Decks?

Screws are available in various styles and dimensions. Selecting the best hinge screws and self tapping masonry screws for your decking could be among

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Screws are available in various styles and dimensions. Selecting the best hinge screws and self tapping masonry screws for your decking could be among the most crucial choices you’ll need to make.

It could result in the safety, durability and structurally stable composite decking. If you’ve been wondering what type or fasteners you should choose, here are some alternatives.

The Type Of Screw For Composite Decking

Classic Wood Decking Screws

In the majority of instances, you can utilise conventional self tapping masonry screws for decking. In terms of installation most composite decking boards have a similar structure with wood-based boards. But, you’ll need to ensure you’re employing decking screws.

Deck screws are more resistant to corrosion and weather than regular screws. Screws are available in a variety of lengths. In general, as a rule of thumb the screw should be 2/3 to 3/4 of the way into the bottom or base material.

For decking made of composite you will require a minimum 2 1/2 inch screws. Screws can also be found with different sizes, ranging starting at 1/16 inches (#0) up to 5/16 inches (#20). For general composite decking, you can use a 5/32 inch wide screw (#10).

Special Fastener Systems

Composite decking boards come in different varieties. In certain situations it is necessary to make use of structural timber screws and fasteners, based on the type that you are making use of. Composite decking boards can be made of solid, hollow material or both. Composite decking boards hollowed out are lighter and less expensive than solid ones.

You can’t, however, make use of traditional methods for fixing them to the frame. There are a variety of fastener systems that can be picked. In certain instances, fasteners are specifically made for a specific brand of decking made from composite.

How Do You Choose The Right Composite Decking Fasteners

The modern homeowner wants outdoor spaces that mirror their interior spaces including comfortable furniture and well-curated accessories to smooth decking surfaces that are akin to the appearance and feel of gorgeous hardwood flooring.

Although choosing chairs and pillows isn’t difficult, many aren’t as certain in choosing the materials that will give them their desired style. Selecting a top-quality composite decking board that has rich natural grain patterns and colour will be the initial step.

Board Profiles Determine Your Fastener Options

Although all deck boards are surface-fastened (also called face-fastened) The grooved decks are specifically designed to fit hidden fasteners, which are clippings made of plastic or metal that are inserted into grooves/channels that are affixed to every side.

They are then fixed to Joists. The boards are fastened to the sides rather than by drilling the screw directly downwards to the bottom.

Face-Fastening Is A Different Method For Fixing Deck Boards

Naturally, some homeowners and contractors choose traditional fasteners for their surfaces. These fasteners are made for square edged boards. As they are referred to as not equipped with grooves or channels.

Additionally, square edge decking is commonly used on the deck’s perimeter made of grooved wood to form an outward-facing solid edge. Square edge decking is used using two kinds of face fasteners: hidden face fasteners and composite deck screws for decks.

Can You Use Deck Screws On Composite Decking?

You can nail or disrupt the composite decking board like wood wood. Decking screws of three inches are the ideal option for fasteners; they will be able to sink a safe distance into the joists and will not back out as nails do.

There’s no risk of splitting the wood driving them, and there’s no need to drill before you. Additionally are you in need of special screws to attach composite decking? Composite decking can be attached onto treated wood joists by screws or concealed fasteners.

The use of composite deck screws is crucial because they’re specifically designed to hold the deck material in the right place. It is essential to secure all screws at 90-degree angles towards the board. It is possible to screw or nail composite decking boards as wooden ones.

The three-inch screws for decking are your most suitable fastener option; they have a solid foundation in the joists and will not back out as nails do. There’s a low risk to split the wood driving them, and it’s not necessary to drill them prior to drilling.

Why Should You Choose Screws Over Concealed Fasteners For Deck Boards?

Before you visit the hardware store, take a note of the reasons why some experienced deck builders prefer to fasten deck boards using screw or concealed fasteners, rather than nailing them.


Although nails may rise over time and pose safety risks Screws provide excellent retention of boards by threads to keep the attachment in place. This keeps decks level and smooth underfoot. It also keeps nails from bouncing around for hours, causing damage.

The same is true for hidden fasteners. concealed fasteners offer deck boards made of composite that have superior capacity to hold, and are completely hidden. Without ugly nails or screws to look at or fall over, this could be an advantage to anyone who’s ever had their toe on the nail.

Corrosion Resistance

Additionally, in addition to being more secure they won’t corrode. With stainless steel deck screws have been coated in zinc epoxy to provide better resistance to corrosion. This will ensure the deck for a long time, which means it is able to withstand high foot traffic as well as the elements.

However the hidden deck fasteners used for composite decks are not only protected from the dangers of corrosion, but also ensure less harmful water penetration because that the disk’s surface is not punctured.

Installation And Removal Is Simple

The past has seen a lot of DIYers have chosen to use nails due to the belief that driving nails are a lot quicker than driving screws. In actuality, screws require approximately the same amount of time put in and they have greater capacity for holding.

Like the above, invisible fasteners offer deck builders quick and simple installation. This is accomplished by putting the edges of the clips into the grooves of the boards. The clip edge will then press down on the board, providing a strong grip.

And, when you’re ready for another board just place the deck board on the other end that is clipped. This speeds up the process and has perfectly spaced gaps.

What Kind Of Fastener Or Screw Do You Choose For Decking Boards?

305 Stainless Deck Screws

These screws are essential as deck boards must have resistance to corrosion as they are continuously exposed to elements. If you’re located in an extremely corrosive area such as close proximity to an area of saltwater and stainless steel deck screws, 305 is more crucial.

304 Stainless Steel Hidden Clip Fasteners

It is worth considering this option if you’re employing composite decking. These fasteners are stainless steel, but they are made to be used in grooved board applications, where they are set on the floor.

8 Gauge 2.5″ And 3″ Deck Screws Coated With Epoxy

The screws used to attach the boards of deck to their joists are usually 8 gauges with the minimum length being 2.5 inches. However 3 inch screws are typically used to add additional hold.

The Decisive

Long coach bolts and concealed fasteners can be considered as alternatives and come with specific situations in which they shine. In the end, it’s an individual decision that is based on your personal preferences who is the final decision maker.

When you’re looking for composite decking, hidden fasteners are generally a great choice, that can create a stunning appearance that you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time.