What’s the difference between an ATS and a CRM?


What’s the difference between an ATS and a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) share some similarities. They both offer recruiter management f

The Benefits of Applicant Software in the Job Search Process
A candidate tracking system helps recruiters and hiring managers
What are the benefits and advantages of an applicant tracking system?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) share some similarities. They both offer recruiter management features. The two types of software differ in a few key ways, however.

CRM software manages customer relationships, whereas ATS software specifically manages recruitment processes. Additionally, ATS software is focused on addressing the candidate experience from the moment of application until the moment of hiring. Additionally, it includes tools that can use for assessing candidates and for making better hiring decisions.

Relationship management is the goal of CRM software. In addition to creating customer profiles, CRM software can help you better understand your customers and personalize your interactions with them. CRM software is significantly more specialized than ATS software. The best software for managing your recruitment process is an applicant tracking system.

Answers to frequently asked questions 

Do you want to know how an ATS works? These questions focus on the benefits of applying for a job through an Applicant Tracking System, as well as the types of companies that take advantage of this tool.

An ATS is used by what types of companies?

Businesses of all sizes can use an ATS to improve their recruitment processes, whether they are large corporations or small recruitment agencies. An ATS simplifies the recruitment process for many companies. A company can benefit from an ATS if it is a retail chain, a corporation, or a small business.

Can a customer relationship management system improve my retention rate?

With an ATS, you can select high-quality candidates and thoroughly screen them to improve your retention rate. As well as saving time in the hiring process and making better decisions, an ATS may also streamline onboarding, improve candidate experience, and ensure all requirements are met for each position. Hiring managers and employees alike may benefit from these higher-quality hires, which could result in a higher retention rate. 


What is the process by which an applicant tracking system finds the right candidate?

Your ATS searches through your candidate pool using various algorithms in order to find top talent. Additionally, it can also use to screen applicants, organize data, and manage candidates.


While an applicant tracking system can identify the best candidates, the interview process is still extremely important and should evaluate and improved in conjunction with any applicant tracking system you use. 


Provides an improved candidate experience

You can send messages to candidates within one system if you use an Applicant Tracking System. By communicating with them, you can ask about their application’s status or receive additional information. This feature can also use to let candidates know about new job openings at your company.

This streamlined and consistent communication process makes candidates feel more involved in the hiring process. Scheduling interviews, viewing your application status, and even receiving job offers can all be done in one place rather than waiting for a phone call or email. 

It’s stressful to find and start a new job (we’ve all been there!). That’s why candidates are more likely to accept a job offer if their recruitment process was clear and straightforward. 


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