Which mobility scooter has the best suspension?


Which mobility scooter has the best suspension?

Which mobility scooter has the best suspension? If you need to use a mobility scooter, then at some point or another, you might find yourself traveli

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Which mobility scooter has the best suspension?

If you need to use a mobility scooter, then at some point or another, you might find yourself traveling over rough terrain. At which point, you’ll need a mobility scooter with good suspension. But which is the best?

Some of the mobility scooters most consistently voted the best in terms of suspension are the E-Wheels and AFIKIM series, with huge ground clearance and high suspension. Many of them have a speed of 10 miles per hour or over and have a weight capacity of over 300 pounds.

Before we get into the mobility scooters best known for their suspension, we need to cover what suspension and ground clearance is and why it’s important to have them in a mobility scooter.

What Is Suspension, And Why Do You Want It In A Mobility Scooter?

Suspension is best described as the system mechanically built into the scooter designed to absorb the shock of traveling over bumpy terrain.

It is built of springs and shocks in both the front and rear wheels, and these springs take the stress to lessen the bumps and give you a fully smooth ride.

What Is Ground Clearance, And Why Do You Want It In A Mobility Scooter?

Ground clearance works together with the suspension to make your ride smooth – the amount of space between the bottom of the scooter and the ground is called the ground clearance.

Generally, it is measured from the foot platform to the ground, but there are other ways it might be measured, such as from the motor to the ground.

Different mobility scooters have different levels of ground clearance:

  • They may be as low as 1 inch or up to 5 inches
  • Most fall into a 1.5 – 4.5 range
  • For the smoothest ride, we would recommend more than 4 inches

So, with that covered, our top six mobility scooters with the best suspension and ground clearance.

The two of these together not only make the scooter a better ride, but it can make it easier to move over rougher terrain and stop it from sustaining damage from uneven areas.

Top Six Mobility Scooters With The Best Suspension And Ground Clearance.
1.) E-Wheels EW-66 2 Passenger 3-Wheel Scooter

The E-Wheels EW-66 has three wheels, all of which are fitted with shocks, with the front wheels being attached with fork shocks and the rear one with rear shock absorbers.

It also has a ground clearance on the higher end at 4.5 inches, which makes it a smooth ride over even the bumpiest terrain.

The scooter has about 74-inch in length, 27.5-inch width, and 43.5 inches.

It also can carry up to 600 pounds, has a turning radius of around 50 inches, can drive for 35 miles every charge, and can reach 15 miles per hour.

2.) AFIKIM Afiscooter SE 3-Wheel Bariatric Scooter 500

The AFIKIM Afiscooter SE has a decent suspension, although not full suspension like some of the others on this list.

It makes up for it on the ground clearance, though, with a whopping 5 inches of space between your scooter and the ground.

The space of this scooter is 49 inches high, 62 inches long, and 29 inches wide.

Its weight capacity is 500 pounds, can turn around 45 inches, travels 28 miles per charge, and can reach 9.3 miles per hour if you choose the single-seater version.

3.) AFIKIM Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Scooter

However, if you need 5 inches of ground clearance and full suspension, then the AFIKIM Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Scooter is what you need.

Its total length is 61 inches, a width of 27 inches, and 49 inches high.

But the trade-off is that it carries a slightly less weight – only 450 pounds of carrying capacity.

The turning capacity is still very good, at 56 inches, a range of 31 miles per charge, and a top speed of 9.3 miles per hour.

4.) AFIKIM Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter

The AFIKIM Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter is another mobility vehicle with a ground clearance of 5 inches, with full suspension.

It’s a little longer at 65 inches. The width and height are the same as the S3 however, at 27 inches wide and 49 inches high.

It has the same specs as the S3 – a top range of 31 per charge, 9.3 miles per hour – except for a turning radius of 90 inches instead of 56 inches.

5.) Merits S941L Silverado Extreme Bariatric Scooter – 450 lbs

An even taller bike with 5.1 inches of ground clearance and fully fitted with shock absorbers at every wheel, giving it full suspension.

It is 61 inches long, 29 inches wide, and 57 inches tall.

But it only has a weight capacity of 450 pounds but makes up for that with a large turning range of 82.7 inches, a longer than the usual driving range of 37.5 miles per charge.

It also has a 9.6 miles per hour top speed.

6.) E-Wheels EW-72 Bariatric 4-Wheel Scooter – 500 lbs

Our tallest bike yet on this list with a whopping 6 inches of ground clearance, accompanied by the full suspension.

It is around 32.5 inches wide, 61.25 inches long, and between 30 and 31.5 inches high, depending on the seat.

It has a bigger weight capacity of 500 pounds, a larger than average turning radius of 92 inches, a larger driving capacity per charge of 43 miles, and a top speed of 15 miles per hour.


If you want a good ride from a mobility scooter, especially if you might be traveling over rougher terrain, you will want good suspension and ground clearance.

Different mobility scooters have different ground clearances and suspensions, and this can affect their other features, such as their weight capacity or turning radius.

It’s important to calculate all these features to ensure that you find the best mobility scooter right for you.

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