Why FoSTaC Training Is Considered Important For Food Business

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Why FoSTaC Training Is Considered Important For Food Business

FSSAI is always looking for ways to ensure food safety and hygiene. That’s why the team has made it a point to address FOSTAC certificate to be a nece

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FSSAI is always looking for ways to ensure food safety and hygiene. That’s why the team has made it a point to address FOSTAC certificate to be a necessity if you are planning to run a food chain business or even a small food cart. 

  • It has been proven mandatory that every food business operator or FBO must have a food safety supervisor trained under the current FoSTaC training program.
  • FSSAI has also made fostac training quite mandatory in all the central and state-licensed FBOs direction under sections 16-5 of the FSSAI Act of 2006 under Food Safety and Standards Amendment Regulations 2019.
  • Each one of the food business operators, exceeding the specified headcount, must have at least one certified and trained personnel for every 25 food handlers within their premises to focus on food safety.
  • It is also mentioned that FSSAI must offer training programs through their impaneled training partner within the food safety and standards for people associated with food businesses, whether operators or employees.
  • That’s why there is a growing demand for fostac training from the house of FiCSI these days. It is one training partner that you can completely rely on.

FiCSI is completely authorized to offer training under the said FoSTaC program. The team members are now conducting in-house and some of open training for corporate and individuals alike.

FoSTaC Course

More on the Course:

It is indeed necessary to learn everything about the FoSTaC course before coming to the next stage. There are 16 different types of competence-based certification programs available under the FoSTaC sector.

  • The duration of each one of the courses will be around 8 to 12 hours and will spread across 1 to 2 days.
  • The courses are well developed by the domain experts and visited by the members of the expert committee of FSSAI.
  • There are training manuals available from FiCSI, which are depending on the general manufacturing and hygiene practices as a detailed right under Schedule 4 of the FSS Regulation courses. 

The courses are now divided into three major sections. Understand each section minutely is important in order to get quality help.

  • Basic course:

This basic level fostac certificate is meant for the food business. The duration will be around 4 hours. This course module, under the basic category, will have street food vending, manufacturing or processing, catering, storage and transport, and retail and distribution sections.

  • Advance course:

This is the next stage of FoSTaC course module from FiCSI to consider. These advanced courses along with the certifications are meant for the State and Central licensed food business. The duration will be of 8 hours. The courses over here are catering, manufacturing or processing, storage and transport, and finally, retail and distribution categories.Dutch bros low calorie drinks

  • Special course:

The third and promising FoSTaC training module from the house of FiCSI will be the special course. It is somewhat developed for the higher risk food business or the food business that needs special attention. The duration of this module is of 8 to 12 hours and spread across 1 to 2 days. The course modules to cover are milk and milk products, fish and sea food, meat and poultry, packaged water, edible oil and fat, bakery and healthy supplement and nutraceuticals. 

Anyone can take an active part in it:

Whether you own a food truck business or own a chain of restaurants, you need to be aware of the FoSTaC training module and get the certificate in the end. In case you are looking for an educational center to get help from, FICSI is the one to look into!