Why Is Food Packaging Design Important?


Why Is Food Packaging Design Important?

What is the significance of food packaging design? Over half of all purchases are motivated by emotion. Customers are more likely to buy products tha

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What is the significance of food packaging design?
Over half of all purchases are motivated by emotion. Customers are more likely to buy products that look good. Food packaging graphic design that is visually appealing has a beneficial effect on sales. Consumers are more likely to choose these products and brands over alternatives because of the attractive packaging. In a cluttered retail environment, this highlights the impact of packing.

Packaging for food must fulfil two key functions. It must safeguard the product while also providing the relevant product information through proper labelling.

Aside from these two essential roles, food packaging design must communicate your brand identity to shoppers scanning the grocery store shelf. You only have a few seconds to pique their interest and pique their desire.

What should you think about when it comes to food packaging?
Certain aspects must be included in food packaging design in order for it to function properly. To guarantee that your food packaging design meets its operational needs, ask yourself some questions. Here’s a list of utilitarian aspects to think about while designing food packaging:

It shields your merchandise from harm.
The nutritional benefits of food processing are preserved.
Extends the life of the product
Tamper-evident or tamper-resistant packaging is used (as required by the FDA)
Maintains the true flavour of the product and the right colour of the food
Shows the required labelling.

To meet the increased knowledge and desire among customers, food packaging design has begun to incorporate more sustainability concerns.

The goal for graphic designers when it comes to the design part of food packaging design is to mix the functional aspects and creative qualities required for the product and its brand. Here’s a list of creative graphic design qualities to think about while designing food packaging:

Enhances the appearance
It expresses your brand’s personality.
Enhances the image of your company
Sets you out from the competition.
Allows for a tactile sensation.
Supports product expansion and adaption through versatility.

Desworks also brought a new luxury seafood brand to life with superb package design. Desworks set out to build a new brand identity that would be associated with exquisite smoked fish. For this brand, our professional and skilled designers produced a black and gold colour palette. Both functional and artistic graphic design aspects were incorporated into this packaging.

Desworks brand stands out among other companies in its sector thanks to its rich design. As a result, the brand has become extremely popular. We first released the product line in 2015, and it now includes two more varieties from the company. For these flavour additions, id8 also provided branding and food packaging services.

With the development of online purchasing, digital food packaging has become a major factor for industry companies and brands.

Is it time to replace your food packaging? Is your food packaging visually appealing to customers? Is your packaging able to meet all of its functional requirements in the most effective and efficient manner possible? For a consultation, contact the food package design professionals at Desworks. We are based in Andheri, India, although we adore Zoom and Google Meet. We utilise both frequently and would appreciate the chance to sit down and talk about any of your branding, rebranding, or food packaging design needs.