7 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring A Concrete Contractor


7 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring A Concrete Contractor

Certain things are essential to make sure you have the right foundation for your structure. Contractors might prefer that you do not know this informa

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Certain things are essential to make sure you have the right foundation for your structure. Contractors might prefer that you do not know this information, as it may reveal areas in which their business is lacking. Construction, like life, isn’t all equal.

Square and flat: The foundation accuracy will affect the quality of every item used to build your home. The terms flat and square refer to how exact the foundation is and how flat the slab is. Any trade that works on foundations that are not correctly constructed will be more difficult to repair. For foundations that were poorly constructed, you may have to pay extra for additional work. Foundations can have major effects on these trades. To avoid extra expenses, make sure your foundation contractor can guarantee the accuracy or fix any problems he may have.

Within 15 days, you can have a slab on grade foundations: Slab on grade foundations can be described as completely flat foundations that have no steps or walls. This type of foundation should take no longer than 15 working days, or less if it is possible. Spending more than 15 working days on transportation costs will result in you spending more money. It is important that your foundation contractor agrees to a timeline and keeps it. If they aren’t finished within the deadline, you might consider penalizing them with a $100 daily fine. Foundations with walls and/or steps will take longer, depending on the complexity.

All things are one price: Concrete contractors in Sunshine Coast use the dirty little trick of quoting a low estimate to get accepted. Contractors may then charge you for equipment and material that is required to complete the foundation. Each contractor who estimates foundation work should include all necessary items. Do not pay additional fees.

Suppliers are paid: Imagine that your foundation has been completed and that you have paid your contractor. Within a matter of months, your contractor receives a letter and/or phone call from the concrete suppliers confirming that they have not paid the concrete. Although this may sound unlikely, it actually happens and is more common than you think. Contractors are having more difficulty paying their bills these days, making it even more important. Before you release any final payment to your contractors, you must make sure all materials and labor are paid for. To help prevent this, you can refer to the Lien release forms. Another option is to contact your contractor’s suppliers before hiring them.

Licensed and insured: State law requires anyone who contracts for work in construction must be licensed by Contractors State License Board in each license category. This one is very important. For your protection, every contractor must have Worker’s Comp, for each employee they employ to work at your house.

Best quality materials: Your engineer will ensure that your foundation meets certain requirements for safety and performance. To achieve this result, the engineer will specify which type of concrete and rebar is used to construct your structure. This information is generally not verified by the building inspector while they are inspecting your structure. It is a good practice to verify that your contractor has used the same materials as those in the plan.

Experienced staff: Are you really allowing your contractor to try new things when they build your foundation? Custom foundation construction is different than a tract home or commercial construction. It is important to find a foundation contractor with a lot of experience working on the type and style of the structure you are building. Verify the references of all contractors.