Guide for Comfortable Travel in Vietnam by Muslims


Guide for Comfortable Travel in Vietnam by Muslims

Comfort is an issue for Muslims, especially in Vietnam, which is predominantly Buddhist. This country has a small number of Muslims. The majority of V

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Comfort is an issue for Muslims, especially in Vietnam, which is predominantly Buddhist. This country has a small number of Muslims. The majority of Vietnamese Muslims are cham, with around 100,000 cham living in a country of approximately 90 million. For Muslims, it can be difficult to find safe places to pray and eat, especially if they are not in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. It is possible to travel to Vietnam with a Muslim guide, especially if they are experienced in Muslim travel.

Find Halal Food Vietnam

Vietnam has a halal board. However, not all Vietnamese restaurants and food products are certified halal. You should take extra care when looking for a restaurant to eat in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.

There are many halal-certified restaurants located in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem district. While some restaurants offer international and local cuisines, most of them serve Indian food. Although street food in Hanoi is known for being delicious and cheap, it’s best to stay away from them. You won’t know if street food stalls are halal-certified and if it was made with alcohol or lard, even though they may appear vegetarian.

The halal restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city are located in district 8 and along tran hung dao street in district 1. These restaurants offer more variety in food – you will find dining options that serve Malaysian and Singaporean cuisines, as well as Indian and Vietnamese food. To be safe, avoid street food in Ho Chi Minh city just like you did with Hanoi’s street food vendors.

It is harder to find halal food in areas other than Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. It is possible to do better if you go to the Mekong delta, which has a large population of cham Muslims. You can bring your own food to other destinations or stick with vegetarian cuisine. We’ve put together a list of halal restaurants for you to try.

Vietnam: Find a Peaceful Place to Pray

Finding halal food is difficult enough, but finding a place to pray is more challenging. Some Muslims in Vietnam do not practice five times daily prayer facing mecca.

Hanoi only has one mosque, the Al Noor mosque on hang luoc street. Census reports show that 300 people attend Friday services at Al Noor mosque, with only 55 being Vietnamese. Others are foreigners who work at nearby embassies for Muslim countries.

There are more mosques and prayer areas in Ho Chi Minh. Twelve mosques can be found in the city. The most prominent are the cholon mosque, district 5, and the Saigon central mosques, district 1. Many halal restaurants offer private rooms for their customers to pray in.

If you are unable to locate a mosque or prayer center in Vietnam during prayer times, it is best to go to a quiet spot and pray west towards mecca. You can also use the compass app for your smartphone to find west if you are unable to do so on your own.

For any event, visit Vietnam’s website. You can also arrange your Vietnam travel with a company that is experienced in helping Muslims travel to Vietnam. These travel arrangements can be booked now.