How to Convert EML to PST Converter?

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How to Convert EML to PST Converter?

Both EML and PST support Outlook, but EML contains only a single email, whereas PST manages many emails. And in the business world, working with EMLs

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Both EML and PST support Outlook, but EML contains only a single email, whereas PST manages many emails. And in the business world, working with EMLs will affect the business’s workflow, so there arises a need for EML to PST converter.

Users can choose any of the two approaches for this task which are as follows:

  • Manual ways.
  • Professional tool.

Manual Ways to Import EML Files into Outlook:

  • Importing a single EML file:

Double click on any EML file to open it with Outlook. Suppose it doesn’t work; set Outlook as a default handler for EML files.

However, this method isn’t appropriate as each EML is opened on Outlook one by one.

  • Native import script (slow):

This method works somewhere at the speed of 60 EMLs per minute and is therefore considered slow. When the EML starts to import through this procedure, the users must not touch the keyboard or mouse to provide any other input; it will interrupt the process.

So, we have seen that the manual methods do not provide a complete and speedy solution to the users. And this is what brings users to look for professional tools.

Best Approach to Convert EML to PST:

As we have seen, one manual method needs users to add EML one by one, and the other is slow and of a monotonous type. Seeing this, you must be looking for a professional tool, and Weeom EML to PST Converter tool is the best fit to get this task done. It has an easy-to-use interface and various features. The procedure of this tool is simple and detailed; where, after successful installation of the tool, you need to proceed as follows:

  • Hit on Add icon from the ribbon bar.

(Here, you can directly add the folder containing the countless EMLs)

  • Now click on Outlook PST from the ribbon bar. A wizard will appear where you need to deal with these options:
    • Choose Export type from the drop-down list.
    • Browse the path folder.
    • Deal with PST options: filename, password, and split.
    • Use filters based on Source, From, and To.
    • And then press the Export
  • When the process completes, a Save Report button will enable, deal with it accordingly, and at last, hit Cancel.

Why Weeom EML to PST Converter Tool?

Users will have countless reasons to use the Weeom EML converter tool few of which can be these:

  • Users do not need to add EMLs one on one; they can add the whole folder containing countless EMLs.
  • This tool does not restrict EMLs of any size and accepts countless.
  • Enables users to put password on PST and facilitates PST split option.
  • Provides filters based upon Source, From, To.
  • Other than converting to PST also capable of exporting EMLs to Office365, Live Exchange Server, outlook profile, and MSG.


Manual methods do not work inappropriately as an EML to PST Converter and lack various parameters. You can use the Weeom tool for this task. If you want to be confident about it before its purchase, use it in the demo version for free.

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