Moving into a New House: Here’s What you Need to Do


Moving into a New House: Here’s What you Need to Do

Shifting to a new house? Then there might be thousands of things that you will have to take care of. Moving to a new location is a whole new set of re

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Shifting to a new house? Then there might be thousands of things that you will have to take care of. Moving to a new location is a whole new set of responsibilities. In this, there is a high chance for you to make mistake. Some of the mistakes can be overlooked and are quite minor but some of them can make you cry. At such a time, you would wish if someone was there to guide you through.

While moving to a new location, if you can keep a few points in mind, things will turn out beautifully. For this, you will have to supervise a few tasks carefully even before the packers and movers can unload your belongings to the new place. Want to know more about it? Have a look.

Things to do Before Moving into the New Property

Prepare a Practical Inventory

There are several things that cannot be shifted to another place. While you are preparing for the shift, it will be best to choose the items carefully. It is for this reason that you need to prepare a practical inventory.

As you prepare for the move, removing all the unwanted items from the way will clear the picture for you. You would also get a clear picture of what will go where in the new house. For this, you will have to determine the dimensions and sizes of the doors and the items. It will save you a lot of work and time later. Especially when you have to move heavy items. You will require less manual labor. So, make decisions carefully while selecting the items that you would want to move to the new location.

To make the right assessment you should take a proper tour of your new property. You can also take a few pictures to keep things in mind while making arrangements.

Take Care of the Pest Control

Before you move out of the old and relocate into the new property don’t forget to bring the pest control team into the picture.  The new place should be thoroughly disinfected so that, you don’t face any pest issues after moving in. Treating the place beforehand for pest problems will ensure that you spend more time and money to get rid of the pests such as rats, cockroaches, lizards, etc.

This may seem like a nominal issue, but when you have to face them on moving into the property you won’t find it very much entertaining. Take time to run an inspection before the packers and movers arrive at the location with your belongings. Plan things accordingly so that, these activities don’t clash with the moving in the schedule.

Set the Utilities

One of the important things that we cannot do without is the utilities. We are so much dependent on essential utilities such as electricity, water, and dish connection that we cannot think of one day without it. For some of us, the internet is also a very important utility that we cannot think of our life without it.

So, before you move your belongings into the new place, make sure you have all the utility connections active. Do this, at least a day before the move so that, when the packers and movers Delhi to Coimbatore arrive with the items in the new location they don’t get unnecessary surprises.

This also includes checking the waste management routine, water supply, milk supply, and other such facilities. Also, ensure that you change your address with all your utility providers. On the shifting day, check the connections properly and ensure that they are running well, without any issues.

Get the Cleaning Done

You won’t want to shift your things to a place that is completely untidy? Now would you? It is completely uncalled for if you cannot get the place cleaned before the move. You can ask the property owner to help you out here or arrange a cleaning service through a trusted online portal. They will clean the place thoroughly and ensure that this is done before you can move in with your things.

It is sure that you might have cleaned the property once before but make sure that one day before the move, you get it cleaned once again. Getting it cleaned just before the move will ensure that you don’t have double shifting to do after moving in. It is best to have a cleaning service to help you with the cleaning even if they charge you a bit extra. This will take a small load off your shoulder. Don’t forget to confirm the dates with them though.

Locate the Fuse and the Water Valve

When you are moving to a new location, two important things that you must educate yourself in right away are fuse and water valve. They both hold great importance to run the daily household. You won’t want to sit in your new house with candles on the first day. So, it is best to check the connection of the fuse and water carefully to avoid any mishaps on the day of the move. You should also connect the inverter connection at least a day before the move.

Pet and Children Proof Property

Not all properties are kids and pets proof. You will have to change it according to your requirements before or after the move. There are certain adjustments that you can make only after you move, but there are many such adjustments that need to be made essentially before you move in. Setting the net or grills, guarding the kitchen area, covering the pool, securing the windows and gates, etc. are some of the things that should be taken care of before you can relocate into your new property.

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As kids and pets are prone to accidents, you need to set boundaries and secure them so that, you don’t face any problem with it in the future. Doing this, before the move helps you in understanding whether the property will be good for you in the long run or not. If you can determine it before the packers and movers bring in your belongings, it will help you a lot. So, decide wisely.