The Garden of Reminiscence; Nirvana Memorial Garden, Singapore


The Garden of Reminiscence; Nirvana Memorial Garden, Singapore

Coping up with the death of your loved one is never easy, but you can heal and find peace by mourning your loss and honoring the departed soul. Are yo

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Coping up with the death of your loved one is never easy, but you can heal and find peace by mourning your loss and honoring the departed soul. Are you looking for funeral services in Singapore? Are you thinking about pre-planning your funeral? If yes, then here is your solution. The Garden of reminiscence; Nirvana Memorial Garden, Singapore.

Memorial Gardens are an inspirational way to honor your loved ones while providing you with a quiet place to mourn the loss of your dear friends and family. Nirvana Memorial Garden was established in 2009 and is a part of a large corporation, Nirvana Asia Group. They contain more than ten years of experience in memorial park systems. 

Nirvana Memorial Garden in Singapore is among the leading service providers with a vision of modernization without compromising on the traditional and religious significance of funeral services. The best part is Nirvana has a special touch of Chinese funeral services and adds quality to the Chinese tradition of honor, that is, Chinese bereavement culture.  

Following is a list of services you can avail at Nirvana Memorial Garden, Singapore;

Funeral Services

Losing your dear ones is such a challenging phase. You can’t afford the stress and worries of organizing a funeral at such a difficult time. So, during this time when you need peace and support the most, Nirvana Memorial Garden is here to serve you. They are offering all-inclusive funeral services available 24/7. With their professional funeral services, you not only celebrate a life well-lived but can properly mourn your loss as well. 

You can find various funeral packages here that encompass a variety of religions, including Buddhism, Christians, and Taoists. Each religious package is designed by keeping the spiritual teachings in mind as Nirvana Memorial Garden respects your religious beliefs.

Nirvana Buddhist Funeral Services

Singapore is a community of various religions, including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. Buddhism is the largest religious group in Singapore.

Usually, the body of the deceased is cremated. It is believed that the soul does not leave the body immediately, so the body is not touched for at least four hours. The cremation starts once the body becomes cold. Then, the cremation takes place. The ashes are then buried in an Urn and are placed at home. Later, they can be placed at the columbarium.

Nirvana Buddhist Columbarium is a structure for storing departed soul’s ashes. Columbariums are considered the final resting place of the deceased and are open to the public. Nirvana makes sure that they offer the utmost dignity and honor to the dead and their family.

Christian Funeral Services

Listed below are Nirvana Christian Funeral Services;

  • The deceased’s body is first washed and then dressed in the best clothes. Either the family members or funeral professionals perform this duty.
  • Then, the body is placed into a casket, and the Casket is placed on a covered stand, Catafalque. 
  • Then, funeral services are offered.
  • Hymens are sung.
  • A holy Sermon by a Priest is delivered that is usually based on the passage from the Holy Bible.
  • Reading of the Bible.
  • After this, the Casket is taken towards the Memorial Garden for the final goodbye. Here, the Rite of Committal is performed, and the mourners throw some soil onto the grave.
  • A funeral reception is held.

Prayer Services

Nirvana Memorial Garden is not just a home for the deceased’s soul. But, it is also a memorial garden that provides a calming environment with great services that give peace to the departed soul. 

They offer worship and prayer services that adhere to the Chinese Ritual Services and Buddhism contemplation. According to ancient Chinese traditional funeral services, they offer the following prayer services;

  • Settling of the departed soul
  • Paying honor to the departed soul
  • Ending of the mourning period
  • Shi Jin
  • Urn changing
  • Transferring of Urn into its niche
  • Settling into the memorial pedestal
  • Zuo Qi
  • 100 day
  • Anniversaries
  • Third-year

Nirvana Pedestal

Ancestor pedestals, also known as memorial tablets, hold great traditional significance in Chinese Culture. They play a key role in Chinese history and date back to the “Shang Dynasty”. As the world evolves, the way you honor your ancestors is also changing. 

The Nirvana Pedestals are placed in an elegant air-conditioned hall at Nirvana Memorial Garden. The traditional tablets are created from wood, but here at Nirvana, you can also offer crystal tablets apart from the classic ones. 

Nirvana Columbarium

Nirvana Memorial Garden offers Singapore’s first 6-star privatized columbarium. The top columbariums include;

  • Standard Suite
  • Maisonette Suite
  • Family suite

A columbarium is a structure with multiple different niches to store the ashes of the departed soul. In religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, the dead body is cremated, and the ashes are either stored or handed to nature. Many people consider preserving the ashes or Urns rather than disposing or scattering them.  

So, in such cases, a columbarium is considered a final resting place with honor and dignity. There are multiple storage options, but columbarium is the best one. They resemble nesting structures of birds, and ancient Rome were used to preserve Urns in such Compartments. 


Gong Yang Fo

Along with funeral services, Nirvana Memorial Garden also offers “Gong Yang Fo; The worshipping of Buddha”.

According to the Buddhist dogma of “Heng San Shi”, Buddha Siddhartha Gautama handed over ‘relieving the living” to Bhaisajyaguru and “redeeming the dead” to Amitabha. This holds great religious significance in Buddhism, and it is believed that the merits of lighting the Gong Yang Fo of “Heng San Shi” Buddhas bring longevity and fullness of blessings in this life for you and your family. 


The above article discusses Nirvana Memorial Garden and its Services. Connect with Nirvana Memorial Garden right away if you need any further information.