Use a WordPress Theme Detector and Enhance Website Performance

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Use a WordPress Theme Detector and Enhance Website Performance

When people decide to create a website on the web hosting domain WordPress, one of the biggest challenges they face concerns choosing a theme. A suita

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When people decide to create a website on the web hosting domain WordPress, one of the biggest challenges they face concerns choosing a theme. A suitable theme gives your site a great layout and features, which enhances its appearance and navigation. When you come across a site utilizing a thoughtful theme, you might naturally wonder if you can know about it. With a WordPress theme detector, you can know about it easily. Apart from that, you can also make use of a plugin detector and make your website more functional and SEO-friendly. In this article, you’ll find all you can uncover with these tools and some of the most effective ones that you can start using.


How Do You Use a WordPress Theme Detector Tool?

There are various websites on WordPress that utilize custom themes. You cannot use these themes by yourself. But in a majority of cases, you can also come across sites that use a premium theme. To find out about them, download, and buy it yourself, you can use a theme detector tool. 

Many great theme detector tools are completely free. Moreover, using them is also not difficult. Just enter the URL of the website whose theme you like and then click the button to analyze or detect below it. The detector goes through the source code of the website and displays the name of the theme. You can also download and start using it. 


Some of the Effective WP Theme and Plugin Detector Tools to Try

There are various WP themes and plugin detectors that you can explore to make your site feature-rich. Here are some of them. 

What WordPress Theme Is That

It is a completely free WordPress theme detector that allows you to find the specific theme (both parent and child) that a WP-hosted site uses. Besides, it also finds active WordPress plugins. You can also find the plugins that a site is using.


WordPress Theme Detector and Plugins Detector

It’s a very user-friendly theme and plugin detector tool that you can use. With its Chrome Extension, you can easily detect the theme and plugins that various WordPress websites use. The whole process is conducted on a remote server, after which you can find the results in your browser. You don’t also need to copy and paste the website’s URL. Just click Chrome Extension and get the results in a few moments.



Although it’s a marketplace for WP themes, it also provides its own WP theme detector tool. The tool can detect plugins and themes that a site uses. It also gives you the option for installing its Google Chrome plugin so you can add the feature straight in your web browser. This plugin provides the Alexa Rank of a website, its hostname, domain IP, and the country.



This theme detector tool lets users discover the theme a website is using. Its also compatible with Shopify, Drupal, and other such platforms. The tool displays the theme URL, author URL, theme version, license, tags, and theme description. Thus, it makes it a handy tool for everyone.



This tool offers in-depth information about a specific website that you like. You can find the various plugins and also the percentage of sites running a specific plugin. Moreover, this theme detector tool also displays keywords and traffic results of a website. You can find out information like the theme price, theme screenshot, its version, plugin version, as well as the vendor name when you use this tool. 


Final Words

By now, you must have discovered how valuable a WP theme detector can be. You can transform your website and make it just as you want it to be by leveraging them. Business owners can enhance the performance of their websites and find ways to beat their competition. It ultimately ends up helping you impart an impeccable customer experience.