What Is Kashmir Sapphire?


What Is Kashmir Sapphire?

The Kashmir Sapphire is a gemstone that was used in jewelry during the 19th century and early 20th century. The stone has a velvet-like texture and ma

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The Kashmir Sapphire is a gemstone that was used in jewelry during the 19th century and early 20th century. The stone has a velvet-like texture and many fine particles that face in various directions. Its clarity may be slightly clouded and has a haziness. It is an extremely rare gemstone that commands high prices and is found only in the Old Mines of the city of Kashmir. In fact, the most expensive of these sapphires can be sold for over $200k per carat. But even if it is a low-quality gemstone, it is still worth buying.

The gem is commonly cut into different shapes, such as the emerald or antique cushion cut. The gems are usually less deep, because it allows for less light to reach them and keep their color saturation deep. The uncut version is the rarest and most valuable sapphire in the world. In order to get the most value out of a gemstone, the gem should be evaluated by a reputable source.

It’s History

The history of Kashmir sapphire is fascinating. During the 18th century, a landslide eroded the Old Mine deposit and exposed a new deposit. A few years later, a landslide uncovered a new deposit that produced a small but high-quality selection of Kashmir Sapphires. These gems, which are incredibly rare, Kashmir Sapphire have a very high price tag and are therefore very expensive.

A stunning Kashmir sapphire is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. Its exceptional color and luster makes it one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. A piece of jewelry with a 9.8-carat Kashmir sapphire has the potential to sell for nearly $1 million. But the scarcity of these beautiful gems has made them a highly sought after item. If you are interested in purchasing a stunning piece of jewelry, this is the stone for you.

Origin of Kashmir Sapphire

Although the gemstone is very rare, the exact origin of the Kashmir sapphire is not known.  The gem’s name comes from its location in the Himalayas, which is the country in which it is mined. There are only a few known deposits in Kashmir. In addition to the size of the gemstone, a specimen may contain inclusions such as resorbed feldspars or short-prismatic dravite. Another characteristic that distinguishes a Kashmir sapphire from a diamond is its inclusions.

The Kashmir sapphire, also known as Cashmere Sapphire , is known for its rich blue color and is a rare gemstone. The quality of a Kashmir sapphire will depend on its condition and its source. Until recently, the Sumjam sapphire deposit only produced a small amount of the gem. This sapphire was discovered in 1884 and discovered in the region. But it was only productive for a short period of time. In contrast, today, the supply of rare stones is very limited.


Interesting Facts About Kashmir Sapphire

In December 2012, a gem weighing 8.91 carats from the Kashmir Old Mines sold for a record-breaking US$ 154,000 per carat. Though the gemstone may be small, its rich color and velvet-like appearance have made it one of the most expensive gems in the world. The following are some interesting facts about Kashmir sapphire. Read on to discover what makes this stone so desirable. A ring featuring a 7.8 ct Kashmir sapphire sold for a record-breaking US$ 150 000, while a single-carat piece of the same size sold for US$ 80,000.

The GIA report identified the stone as a natural sapphire from Kashmir. It had the characteristics of a faceted gemstone, with a relatively even spread of blue color. The crystal’s crystal structure was confirmed by a high-precision CT scan, and its spectral data, including classic metamorphic UV-Vis absorption spectra, the 3309 peak series, and microscopic observation of unexplained internal features. This was also supported by the low-Fe chemistry of the rock.

A study by Tom D. LaTouche, Deputy Superintendent of the Geological Survey of India, concluded that the Old Mine deposit produced a limited variety of high-quality and large-sized Kashmir sapphires. The discovery of additional deposits in the area was a result of the court’s order, and the Indian government granted the diamond company the permission to begin mining. The new king of the region, Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh, became very concerned about the loss of his wealth, and ordered an army of soldiers to guard the area where the gem deposits occurred.

What Makes a Kashmir Sapphire So Special?

This beautiful gem is not found in many places. It was only discovered in the early 20th century and has a very short history. While it may look like any other sapphire, this stone’s velvety blue color is due to the inclusions that make it so special. The small, crystalline structures of the sapphire are what set it apart. It is so rare that it is considered a natural treasure. This is one of the main reasons why it commands such a high price.

A gemstone from Kashmir is known to have very specific chemical and physical properties. The gemstone is naturally colored, and can be found in a wide range of colors. It is commonly complemented by white diamonds, which are often included in this type of jewelry. Moreover, it is fast-acting and helps a wearer stay focused and disciplined. Besides, it can help them become more popular. Furthermore, it is a great way to boost one’s professional career.

In order to determine if a sapphire is Kashmir or not, it should be inspected. It should be spectroscopic and microscopic. If the stone is not of high enough quality, it may have come from another region. Whether it has a high-quality color or low-light sensitivity, it should be tested with a gemological institute or a reputable lab. These three methods are considered to be the most accurate in determining the origin of a Kashmir sapphire.