14 Simple Tips For Creating Catchy Instagram Posts

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14 Simple Tips For Creating Catchy Instagram Posts

Introduction:    Struggling to come up with Instagram content? This article will provide you with 14 different Instagram post ideas that you

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Struggling to come up with Instagram content? This article will provide you with 14 different Instagram post ideas that you can start using right away. Down below are some illustrations!

As most of you know, we designed the Post Planner app to provide users with an endless supply of material for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

Here, we’ve compiled Instagram post ideas that are surefire to increase your likes and comments TODAY.

Instagram’s popularity stems from its centrality in the dissemination of personal narratives via visual media. If you run a company on Instagram and have fewer than 10,000 followers, you probably aren’t getting the 2% interaction rate you might be. The potential for interaction on Instagram is thus skyrocketing.

You need to take advantage of the engagement pie for your company. Post Planner’s Viral Photos tool for Instagram is the MOST SIMPLE answer. The best photographs on any subject may be found with its help. Our brand-new Content Studio also allows you to make and modify your own unique visuals.


How and What to Share on Instagram?


1. Your Business products


What’s the most effective technique to share your company’s history?

Share media showing your product in action. This makes it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves making use of your goods.

The same holds true for services; you may detail what it is that your business performs to provide clients with the goods they’ve purchased from you. Don’t go crazy with product demonstrations (you want to sprinkle this type of post every now and again.)




You’re feeling uninspired and could use some inspiration for some humorous Instagram posts. Instagram quotes may be the perfect remedy for your ailment. Shareable quotations are easy to get by on social media.

If you want to accomplish it quickly and effectively, though, you should use Post Planner’s content library. All the finest quotations you could ever want are collected here. So, it’s not only a collection of hilarious sayings; there are also thoughtful and motivational passages included.

In addition, what’s another fantastic thing?

Use quotes to break up the monotony of your company page’s text. You should include quotes in your Instagram stories since they tend to generate a lot of interaction.


3. Behind-the-scenes


Every day, it seems like a new company is posting a behind-the-scenes snapshot online. These pictures are perfect for giving your business an honest look and feel.

A few instances of such “behind the scenes” material are as follows:

  • One of your current endeavors
  • It’s time for the weekly staff meeting.
  • How you’ve set up shop at work
  • Events that occur before an interview


4. Video


The speed of social media is high. The way video is handled widely between various social networking sites. Instagram users, meanwhile, are restricted to no more than three 60-second clips.

Imagine that your video lasts just 30 seconds. You have to get them interested, hold their attention, and get them involved in that little amount of time.

What we mean by “grabbing attention” is having a “scroll stopper” inside the first three seconds of your video. In order to “keep attention,” a video needs to include fascinating cuts, subtitles, and content that the typical viewer would enjoy.

When an Instagram post’s caption makes a direct request for interaction or when the material is particularly impressive, it is said to “elicit engagement.”


5. Context that accelerates


With the Instagram Hyperlapse app, you can easily record stunning time-lapse footage. Hyperlapse videos might be very useful in the following fields:


  • Outdoors
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Art
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Travel


6. Irreverent Images and Memes


To lighten the mood, some of the most powerful people and organizations in the world employ memes.

Adorning your website with humorous images is a great way to lighten the mood and show that your business has a heart (and a sense of humor, of course!)

Businesses and humor aren’t two words that often go together. A humorous twist is an ideal method to draw attention to yourself.

When you add some memes to your Instagram posts, the whole thing becomes more carefree and entertaining. Develop a meme that represents your company, your product, or your field. 


7. Create Challenges


Plan to accomplish something new every day. Maybe something like a photo a day for 30 days! A fitness influencer may try a 30-day diet challenge and document his or her results and feelings on social media.


8. Post Instagram Highlights


We’ve discussed some fantastic Instagram feed and story ideas, and now we’ll go through the greatest ways to use Instagram highlights. Nowadays, most people prefer to buy automatic Instagram story views to boost stories engagement without spending more time on Instagram. 

If you are unfamiliar with Instagram highlights, they are a collection of your Instagram stories that you may organize into a specific section of your profile. Don’t make it hard for readers to find your top content; organize them into relevant categories.


9. How To Guides


You must have a particular skill set to succeed in business. A person who knows a subject as well as you does is unlikely to find another person who knows it as well as they do.

Tutorials are a fantastic means of imparting knowledge to an audience. People are constantly interacting with it by posting questions and tagging their friends.

If you’re a personal trainer, you may demonstrate how to execute certain exercises by uploading instructional videos. It’s important to simplify the process by breaking it down into smaller steps.


10. Always Share Trending Videos


Trends drive the evolution of social media. Rather than once a month, major trends emerge every week. Taking advantage of current events might give your Instagram company page the viral boost it needs.

A trend could be:

  1. Challenges
  2. Concepts for Videos
  3. Tales from the Newsroom
  4. Products

Post Planner’s content library makes it a breeze to find what’s popular at any given time. Browse the most talked-about topics and narrow your results by sector.


11. User Generated Content


UGC refers to user-generated content or something that was created by your audience and shared by you. Eighty-six percent of companies use user-generated content (UGC) in their advertising. Some of your most ardent supporters are your customers. The use of user-generated content, then, paves the way for more powerful messages.


12. Share Instagram Reels


When the summer of 2020 rolled around, Instagram Unseen introduced a feature called Reels. You may now share movies that are up to 15 seconds in length using this function.


  • Make a bunch of quick movies.
  • Adjust the tempo of your video recordings
  • Stream songs on Instagram.


The employment of reels begs the question, Why?

They’re a lightning-fast tool for your company to disseminate news and, more importantly, have fun.

It’s also adaptable, which is a huge plus. Your Instagram page’s “reels” area is where reels live, but you may also share them in your stories and feed.

Additional advantages of Instagram Reels include:

Videos with a lot of likes and comments are promoted to Instagram’s Explore tab, where they may reach a potentially massive audience.

Moreover, when seen on the explore page, they stand out more than feed posts do. It’s simple to download the video and use it again or upload it to another site.


13. Transformations


If your company has assisted many people, telling their stories of success will motivate others to join your team. A change represents the END RESULT you are capable of achieving. This may be common practice among fitness trainers and other ‘gurus’ of various stripes.

Use the caption space to describe the starting point for your customer and the final outcomes they achieved with your help. Don’t forget to add YOUR part in getting them there!


14. Add Hashtags


Hashtags are one of the most effective free means of reaching a wider audience. WordStream suggests using around 11 appropriate hashtags for every post. Also, your message will be lost in the shuffle if you utilize too many generic or overused hashtags.