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Extract Attachments from Windows Live Mail Account

Summary: Windows Live Mail attachments are vital to the sending and receiving of data and should not be overlooked. They can store more data than any

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Summary: Windows Live Mail attachments are vital to the sending and receiving of data and should not be overlooked. They can store more data than any other resource now in existence. Therefore, it is essential to have a backup of these on hand. You should probably figure out how to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail if you share our opinion. Only if you have never done it before and have no idea what to expect.

“Hello, Personally, I’ve been using Windows Live Mail for quite some time. Because of this, it has become capable of storing a wealth of data that I find really useful. They are best characterized by the appendages to which they are connected. Unfortunately, I’m at a lost as to how to download attachments from Windows Live Mail. Removing them one by one is a laborious process. How about you assist me understand how to get many Windows Live Mail attachments at once? Thanks!”

Many emails submitted to us have attachments. In fact, many attachments might be included in a single email. Even more notably, the ratio of attachments to total emails increases as inbox volume increases. Therefore, it will be challenging to eliminate them all at once and rapidly. On the other side, this operation may be performed more rapidly. In order to find out the specifics, please keep reading below.

Is There a Fast and Easy Way to Extract Attachments from Windows Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail Converter is one of the best programs available for exporting a large number of attachments from a Windows Live Mail account. The software is lightning fast and efficient, letting you pick WLM files or folders by hand. Because of this, you may perform the procedure of retrieving attachments from all of them simultaneously.

The efficiency and swiftness of the software mean that this may be completed in a single pass. You don’t have to read every email sent to you to find the things you need to know. Select one or more WLM files or directories to process their attachment extraction. Once you’re ready, press the appropriate buttons. If you’re serious about learning the ins and outs of the program, you may read the full course.

Step-by-step Learn How to Retrieve Attachments from Windows Live Mail

  1. The first step is to get the Windows Live Mail attachment extractor. The program that requires downloading, installing, and then running in order to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail.
  2. Open the app and then go to the Open menu. Select either the Windows Live Mail account you’ve set up or Choose Files from the resulting drop-down menu.
  3. You may then browse Windows Live Mail files or folders on your device and start analyzing the information. After you’ve made your selections, open Windows Live Mail Attachment Extractor and import the files.
  4. Now that you’ve detached, you may examine all of your components separately. The email address is just one more detail that you may examine.
  5. Before you extract, you may do a search for a certain email or attachments. You may accomplish this by typing your word into the tool’s search field, located on the left navigation.
  6. Select Attachments from the menu that appears when you click the Extract tab.
  7. Selecting the Browse button allows you to look for a file storage place for your attachments. To get your attachments back from Windows Live Mail, click “Save” when prompted to do so.

The whole process will be over in a flash. You will be informed that the process of retrieving your attachments is finished once all of them have been found. The moment has come to investigate the Windows Live Mail Attachment Extractor’s supplementary functions. Take a look at the included examples to see the tool in action.

Continue reading! An Analysis of the Microsoft Live Mail Attachment Extractor’s Capabilities

  1. Mass Extraction: First, you may use the “bulk extraction” function to simultaneously extract many files in order to retrieve attachments. In theory, the software could simultaneously fetch an infinite number of attachments from a Windows Live Mail account or folder. The program will not alert you to any problems, nor will it limit your ability to remove attachments in bulk.
  2. Select Destination Path: After running Windows Live Mail Attachment Extractor, you will be prompted to choose a location to store the extracted files. The output can be saved to whatever directory you specify. To accomplish this, go to Tools, then select Browse Location.
  3. Supported OS: Third, you may run the software on Windows computers without any problems. The implication is that it can be utilized with a PC running the Windows operating system. You may extract attachments from Windows Live Mail and saved on computers running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or a lower version of Windows.
  4. Preview Feature: There is a built-in viewer within the app that serves the same purpose as the preview function. So that potential customers may see a sample of the content before downloading it. All of your attachments are viewable before you decide which ones to extract. Windows Live Mail gives you access to more features than just reading your stored emails.

Find More about the Program’s Bonus Perks.

  1. Total Safety and Peace of Mind: There are zero risks involved with trying out the software in any of its forms. Using it, your Windows Live Mail account’s settings will be taken care of automatically. Once you have deleted your files, they will no longer be accessible in any way. You can use it whatever you choose. And your data is safe from harm’s way.
  2. Independently: The program may potentially pull files from Windows Live Mail’s attachments without any assistance from Windows itself. Therefore, it has the potential to function as a standalone program. During work, it is not necessary for you to install any additional settings. Everything you need to get your Windows Live Mail attachments back is included in this app.
  3. Search Tool: Third, the gadget has a search box that might come in handy. Properties can be narrowed down using the search bar. It’s possible to do a search for a particular message, its attachments, or even the text inside it. You may also use a time range to look for a certain file attachment. It’s also possible to use the To, cc, or BC fields from an email’s header in order to locate a certain file’s corresponding sender.
  4. The Multipurpose Machine: The software offers various benefits beyond just detaching items. Windows Live Mail’s data may be exported from the software to a number of different file formats. Among these are PDF, MBOX, PST, and a myriad of others. Email addresses, in addition to phone numbers, can be retrieved in response to customer requests.


We have made available to you a fantastic choice to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail. If you need to restore several files at once, the Windows Live Mail attachments extractor is the tool for you. In order to use Windows 10 Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, or any other email client, it is necessary to first import your Windows Live Mail data into that software. Check this all-inclusive tool if you’re having issues with any facet of your WLM account. It’s a handy tool for just about every situation.

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