Packer License in India: What to know?


Packer License in India: What to know?

India is a hub for packaged products (leads to packer license). Intending to protect the rights of the intended receivers of these packages, the Legal

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India is a hub for packaged products (leads to packer license). Intending to protect the rights of the intended receivers of these packages, the Legal metrology department of India made the packer license mandatory with the introduction of the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities rules. Here, in this article, you will know about the important facts that you must know about this business certificate.

People have a hard time knowing the insides of a packaged product if they don’t have access to the labels upon it. Therefore, the legal metrology department created a special set of rules. Dubbing them as the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity rules, the legal metrology department introduced the following mandates:

  1. Every importer and manufacturer must acquire the manufacturer’s license.
  2. Furthermore, without packer registration, no one will have permission to import or sell packaged products.
  3. And, all the labels on those packages should meet the LMPC regulations.

But what are those regulations, and why following them is mandatory? Let us discuss these answers with the aid of this article. Read More; Network License

What are the regulations encompassing the packer manufacturer license?

The manufacturer license that the importers and manufacturers must obtain from the legal metrology departmen. Therefore, the applicants mus t adhere to the following rules:

  1. The MRP of the product must be clearly visible to the customers
  2. Along with the date of import, the package should also contain the date of manufacturing.
  3. Display both month and year in the manufacturing year section
  4. The contact information of the importer and the manufacturer must be present on the label
  5. There should be an EMAIL ID for the customer to reach out to in case he or she has some complaints.

Enforcing these regulations allows the legal metrology to ensure that the Indian customers are never cheated when it comes to packaged products. Without them, no packaged product in India will hold any value.

Who can acquire the manufacturer license?

Even though the license to package the products is important, it is not meant for everyone. Only two entities are required to obtain this license:

  1. Importer of the product
  2. And, manufacturer of the packaged products

If these two entities are outsourcing the packaging of the products. then the packer must also obtain the Packer License.

What documents you must carry to obtain the manufacturer license?

The documents that you must carry to obtain the packer license is as follows:

  1. Company incorporation certificate
  2. Memorandum of Association
  3. Articles of Association
  4. Address proof of the manufacturing facility (if you are a manufacturer)
  5. Address proof of the importing facility (if you are an importer)
  6. Sample of the label
  7. Demand draft of the manufacturing license fees.

All these documents and the application form are all you need to obtain a Packer license in India. But why has the legal metrology department enforced packer license on every single manufacturer and importer in India? Read More: Non Network License

What is the importance of a packer license in India?

The legal metrology has mandated the manufacturer license in India because of the following reasons:

  1. Customers are not always privy to what is inside the package.
  2. The importers and manufacturers are not generally inclined to give accurate information to the customers.
  3. Through incorrect labels, it has become easier to misrepresent the information.
  4. The introduction of the packer license compels the importers and packers to provide correct information to the users.
  5. Finally, customers can now complain to the packers with whom they are unsatisfied.


A packer license isn’t merely a critical business certificate. It exists for the sake of customers in India. With this article, we have tried to unveil the critical facts about the manufacturer’s license. Hopefully, you have understood them all and are ready to make a change. For further details, contact Registrationwala. Read More: Trademark Assignment

A packer license is a business permit issued per the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011. Read this blog to know all about it.