How to Repair Data from BKF File? Easy Techniques

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How to Repair Data from BKF File? Easy Techniques

Are you having any problems accessing your backup files? Unable to restore and work with the backup file. Don't worry, it provides a complete solution

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Are you having any problems accessing your backup files? Unable to restore and work with the backup file. Don’t worry, it provides a complete solution to repair data from BKF file. Keep reading to learn more about BKF files, their uses, and how BKF gets lost.

A BKF file is a backup file with a .bkf extension. BKF files are primarily associated with Windows backups. Windows is a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows NT to Windows XP). BKF is a Windows backup file and typically backs up all Windows data with the .bkf file extension. This is known as an NTBackup file. If the bkf is broken. Then there are several methods that can be used to repair and restore corrupted BKF files.

Why Do We Need to Use BKF File

Many users use it to back up their files and data. Your computer’s hard drive may crash and you may lose all your data. A backup file is created to prevent this loss. The .bkf file is a backup file. People use this file format to store all their data and files.

Do You Know How BKF Files Get Corrupted or Missing?

In today’s world, data loss is also increasing as computers are being used to manage data for business or personal purposes. And every year, more than 60% of Internet users around the world face situations of data loss. You know how painful it is to lose data that has been collected over the years. Many things can cause data loss, including:

  • This BKF file is created in a complex location. Many people forget the exact location of this file and lose it.
  • Sometimes virus and malware attacks can delete this file.
  • Incomplete shutdown can also lose this file.
  • There are other common reasons why this file can be lost. Often people delete this file by mistake.
  • Suppose the computer hard drive is formatted and the .bkf file is deleted.
  • Unnecessary interruptions can damage the BKF file during the backup. You need to edit the BKF file to recover the data.
  • Data may be damaged if the device is not turned off properly. You can also damage the BKF file in the same way. In that case, you need to repair the BKF file.

Manual Solution to Repair Data from BKF File

It is important to set recovery points to deal with this situation. So, to create a restore point in Windows 8, you need to perform the following steps:

Method 1: Use the Control Panel

  1. First of all, Open the Windows 8 Control Panel from the Home screen
  2. Select Control Panel > System
  3. Press System Protection
  4. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, enter the password or provide confirmation if necessary
  5. Hit the System Protection button, then select Create
  6. In the System Protection dialog box, enter a description and click Create
  7. You will then see a progress bar and a small system security information box with the text “Create restore point
  8. Select File & History and click Restore by File to open the Windows 8 backup file in Windows 8.
  9. Then tap on Use New Location on the new screen.

Method 2: Use Ntbackup.exe to Repair Data from BKF File

Repair the NTbackup file by using an integrated Windows tool called NTbackup.exe

Follow these Steps:

  1. Browse to NTbackup.exe
  2. Right click on it and run as administrator
  3. The Message “Removable Storage Service” is displayed, Press OK
  4. Welcome to the Backup or Restore Wizard. Press forward to continue
  5. Select the File and Settings Restore option. Click Next
  6. Find the BKF file you want to recover and press Ok
  7. Expand the left pane and select a file
  8. push it Advance Options
  9. Open the File Restore drop-down list and select the Alternate Location option
  10. Press the Saving Location
  11. Click Next > Finish.

Problems With Manual Solutions to Recover Data from BKF File

  • Suitable for minor damage issues only.
  • There is a risk of data loss
  • More time consuming and tedious process.
  • This only works if you have the dll and ntmsapi.dll on your system.

As we saw before, there are some restrictions on performing these manual steps to repair BKF files. Therefore, to avoid such restrictions, users can use alternative professional solutions to repair damaged or corrupted BKF files.

Automatic Solution to Repair Data from BKF File

If the backup file is corrupt and missing, you can download the SysTools BKF Recovery Tool. This software can recover and extract data from BKF file very easily and efficiently. It is a highly recommended solution allowing you to recover multiple BKF files in seconds while preserving the original content. This tool is designed and developed by using advanced recovery algorithms which can easily recover multiple backup files from large storage. It is built with a super intelligent GUI to make it more powerful and user-friendly. Allows novice computer workers to easily handle the task and recover corrupted BKF files without any extra effort. This tool repairs all files without data loss or modification. 

Steps to Recover data from Corrupted BKF Files via Software

  • Install and Open the SysTools Software on your local system

Download BKF Recovery

  • Then Add the appropriate BKF files and Preview the BKF file details in the software panel

Add bkf files

  • Now go to scan your backup files. Now select an option to scan BKF files:
  1. In the Quick Scan, it searches for damaged BKF files to quickly restore backup data of BKF files
  2. Deep Scan: This option can be selected if you think the BKF file may be seriously damaged.
  3. Rang Based Scan: This option can be used to scan a specific range of BKF data
  • Click the Scan button to scan and restore

Scan options

  • When the Scanning is completed, you will see a notification that the file has been successfully loaded. Click OK to confirm

completed scanning

  • Hit the Extract button to extract the file

Select Extract Options

  • Now, You can see the extracted path of the saved BKF file

save bkf file data

Check out the free demo version of this software to help users understand its features. It allows users to preview all recovered files and folders. You must purchase the fully licensed version to save your recovery data.

Key Features of BKF Recovery Software

  • Repair Windows NTBackup and Symantec VERITAS Backup Execution (.bkf) files
  • Preview the BKF data of the restored Windows Backup bkf file
  • The user-friendly interface makes it more interactive.
  • This software may have several options to save the repaired backup file. You can save the desired files in a backup folder or group.
  • This software can repair files up to 30TB in size.


Above are all possible ways to repair data from BKF file. However, a more complicated situation arises if the backup BKF file is damaged or corrupted.  Therefore, in this blog, we have described two ways to repair BKF files. You can use any of these, as the manual method also has many drawbacks, so you can choose professional software instead of manual method. I hope you are familiar with this blog.